Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What has the US come to?

Guess you can't trust even Sears anymore. My mom (Mena) was recently in charge of some recent renovation going on at her workplace and it required some clean-up so she went looking for a place to do the work. Mena was all excited because she had found a good deal with Sears to clean the carpet at her work today. As it turns out they did a VERY crappy job! The office is 5 rooms and apparently they "cleaned" the carpets in those five rooms in about 30 minutes - um yeah it takes longer to do the carpet in just our living room at the house! So I told her I'd let everyone (all 2 of you) who reads my blog that they should probably overlook Sears when they are thinking of getting anything - at least outside of the store! So I've done my daughter duty lol.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm Gonna Conquer Mashed Potato Hill!!

That title might confuse a few people but it's my new goal, well one of the many, to work on. I took an online session through my local CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities) location tonight entitled "The Battle of Mashed Potato Hill" and it was all about food related difficulties that some of our kids have. The lady that did the presentation was AWESOME and gave me lots of things to consider and ideas that will (hopefully) help me get Zilla to expand his food horizon. If you haven't taken this session (and you have access to it obviously) then you should! Mashed Potato Hill is gonna be a treacherous and probably a battle of epic proportions considering the kid involved but I'm strong and he's only had 5 years to hone his stubbornness whereas I've had almost 30 years (wow it's almost my birthday) so he hasn't seen anything cause I can totes outlast him! Anyone have any stories to share about their battles? Is anyone even reading this? lol