Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I think I'm nesting

Can you nest two years AFTER the baby?

When I was preggers with Zilla I never once felt the need to "nest" so this afternoon when I suddenly had the intense need to purge and clean my house it was a little odd. It was like nesting but minus the baby. Oh and no I know I'm not preggers - Fed-X doesn't accept frozen sperm from an APO and although DaddyZilla is a good aim he's not that good. LOL sorry that was not nice humor but funny all the same.

Too much to do

I have SO much that I have to/want to get done before DaddyZilla gets home that it's very overwhelming. It also doesn't help my desire to get it all done that my darling son goes right behind me and jacks up anything I've actually accomplished!

The other day I was talking to my hubby on IM and had the webcam up. Well I had to move the laptop and he so lovingly proceeded to make several comments about the condition of the living room and the amount of stuff Zilla has. Um ok just wait until you get home - I'll let him pick up after Hurricane Zilla for a few days and he'll maybe understand that some days its just not worth bothering! It was VERY clean last week because I borrowed a friends carpet cleaner and did the majority of the house. It looked SO great - for about 12 hours until a little someone who will remain nameless woke up and destroyed it all again. It's a daily occurrence and well to be honest it gets old pretty quickly. I think he plots his destruction plans at night before bed - wouldn't surprise me at all.

I have about 21 things to check off my list before the homecoming - blah wish I had a maid oh and a nanny and a chief LOL.

ETA: Okay my smartypants friend pointed out that I said I wanted a chief instead of a chef. Well to tell you the truth I'd take both the chef could cook and the chief could take care of any dirty work I need taken care of LOL.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My big boy bed

I set up Zilla's toddler bed today in his room. I decided to keep his crib intact because well he still loves it and prefers to sleep there. I did however think that it would be good to at least give him the option of moving to a "big boy" bed if he wanted to. He LOVES his new bed - not for sleeping mind you - but for jumping and just generally hanging out. He also found it GREAT that he could touch his daddy if he stood on his bed. He must have touched the picture about 10 times while he was playing on the bed!
My toddler bed
Here he is showing his Daddy some love!
loving on my daddy
I did have to move the picture for fear he would make it fall and break it. He doesn't yet understand that he shouldn't touch certain things!

Who needs a Track

When there is a perfectly good dog laying around? Not Zilla thats for sure. He decided today that he was going to try his "choo choo" out on Daisy. She sat there and let him do it mainly because I was giving her the death stare letting her know not to move. He thought it was SOOOOO funny and well so did I.

Might as well use her as a track she's not good for much else. Don't worry Daisy we still love your big butt even though your a rug with legs (or a track with legs in this case).
Daisy the Traintrack

We have an Invasion

I think we have been invaded here at the house. For a few months now I have noticed in the mornings there was a "substance" on my floor in the mornings. It wasn't sticky or weird looking or anything - it kinda looked like dog drool a little. So I just didn't give it much thought until I found out what was causing it. These things are finding a way in and I'd like them to leave.
slug invastion
So slugs if you could please find somewhere else to rest for the night I'd really appreicate it. I mean go find a slug shelter or something. You are NOT welcome here.

Zilla doing his chores

This week I figured it was time for Zilla to start doing his part around the house. I mean I've been pretty much carrying the load by myself for about 14 months so it was LONG overdue. Loading the dishwasher isn't very hard so I figured we'd start there. Below you will find the results.
washing my toys

My New Toy

Well when Nanna came to visit she brought up Zilla's new toy box. We had been in serious need of one because well this kid has TOO much stuff. Not to mention that I was tired of it ALL being on my floor everyday. So Nanna and I scoured craigslist and found a great deal on a step2 toy box in Orlando. Nanna picked it up and stored it at her place until she came this past weekend. Zilla thought it was the best new toy - too bad it's NOT a toy. Blah couldn't tell him that though cause he played in it like it was. He's even gotten in it since I put toys in there. I'm telling you the boy is crazy!

New toy

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My poor little man

Today Zilla got his very first busted lip. He's officially a man now..LOL. I was changing his diaper and well he was being difficult like normal. I got it on but because of his moving around it was kinda giving him a wedgie so I was fixing that when he decided to try to get away. Instead of actually making an escape he tripped over his own foot and proceeded to smack his face into one of his toys. He started crying right away and I saw blood - talk about making sure your heart is working! It was actually bleeding pretty bad so much so that I didn't know if it was his lip or in his mouth and duh it hurt so he didn't want me touching it. When the blood slowed I saw it was his lip - poor kid its a little swollen which is most likely because afterward he kept putting his lip in his mouth and sucking on it! Silly child.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stupid People @ Olive Garden

Tonight a friend and I decided to eat some dinner with our kiddos at Olive Garden. Both of our hubby's are currently gone (mine in Iraq and hers away at a school) so it was just us and her 2 kids and zilla. Zilla woke up crazy early this morning and had a shorter nap than normal so he was a little wound up. We were sitting in a corner both and Zilla was moving around on the seat and just having a good old time - not being bad just being a toddler as was my friends 3 year old. We were having a good dinner and enjoying ourselves.

Well until some *pardon my language here but I can't help it* stupid asshole that was sitting at the bar with his wife decided to make his opinion known. They were a nice dressed couple so it quite surprised us when he stood up with his arms raised in a 'i wanna fight' manner and proceeded to say "You need to get your kids under control lady. You really should do something about them. Really you should leave..NOW. If I can do something to help you control them just let me know." After that he sat down and his wife didn't say anything at all. My friend and I were in such shock and the hostess came over and asked us if he was serious and I told her yes he was. Well we were totally livid and would have probably decked him except that they swept them away to a table. You would think that was enough right? Well no.

The couple sitting behind us were done with dinner and they got up to leave well the older lady kind of leaned in to say something to me. I thought she was going to tell me to ignore that man but NO she said "You know he was right, he really was" then her and her husband practically ran out the door. I wanted to beat the living cap out of that women even more than the man. The managers both came and apologized to us for his outburst and said that they explained that this was a family restaurant to him and said that we weren't bothering them at all. Well I really would have preferred if they had asked the man to leave after all he had caused the outburst and it would have been nice for the managers to actually SHOW us the families matter but oh well.

I just do not understand how people can be so stupid and heartless. I mean I am doing the best I can considering that I do it by myself all day every day without any real help. My son is not by any means a bad or unruly in any way - he's a good kid but he's exactly that a KID. Minus duct tape theres no real way to shut a toddler up if they don't want to. What do they expect from me? My husband is overseas fighting for their rights to be over here talking smack to his wife and child. My friend called and told me that her 3 year old said "why the people at olive garden be mean mommy?" - how jacked up is that? These people were talking about us controlling our children and yet they thought it was "ok" to act this way in front of them! Grr it's making my blood pressure rise just thinking about it. Way to ruin my evening you stupid jerks - better hope I don't ever see you around town cause I'll be sure to pinch my kid and MAKE him scream just for you! LOL

ETA: When we said Zilla's prayers tonight I made sure to pray for these people. We prayed that those two couples can gain some compassion and understanding for others because they are obviously lacking it. They need a little light in their lives - kinda like Zilla is in mine!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling very Blah today

All day today I've felt VERY tired and sore. Yesterday Zilla and I attended a playdate at the pool. We had tons of fun and really enjoyed ourselves. We eventually had to leave because Zilla was having a breakdown due to his early nap time - he was overly tired. When we got home I laid sleepyhead down for a nap and then proceeded to do a crap load of laundry for a friend. My friend is having a difficult pregnancy so I volunteered to help her out with her laundry. It took forever but she stayed at the house with Wyatt so at least I got a break well sorta if you can call working a break but I digress. I felt really good that I could help her and I know that she greatly appreciated it. I remember being pregnant and feeling like i couldn't even move let alone get stuff done around the house and I didn't have a 1 yr old under my feet all day! It's all good cause thats what friends are for right?

I do have to say though that swimming and laundry in the same day is not good for ones body. I went to bed last night at 9pm - thats super early for me and I woke up feeling sore! Oh well the heating pad and drugs will take care of it!

Zilla's first movie!

Well today Zilla and I went to see Kung Fu Panda with a friend and her 5 kids (yes I said 5) for a matinee showing. I wasn't feeling too hot but decided it would be fun plus I had a free ticket so why not. I figured that the odds where that my friends kids would act up (5 kids to my 1 kid) but gee I was WRONG. Zilla had no interest what so ever in either watching the movie or sitting still. Nope he ran around and climbed the steps and played with the seats and pushed my friends stroller around - pretty much anything but enjoying the movie. Luckily there were only 5 other people in the theater with us so it wasn't too big of a deal but I am still glad I didn't pay for it. My friends kids were all really good actually - 4 of them sat the whole time and the 4 year old was only up and running around because my crazy child wanted to play with her. Zilla was being a bad influence!

The movie was pretty funny - not buy it funny but funny considering it was free. Zilla did manage to let me stay until the movie was over with minimal screaming and whatnot. Overall it wasn't a horrible experience maybe next year he'll be ready to sit and watch a movie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm King of the Car Seats!!!

We recently determined that Zilla was outgrowing his previous car seat. He had a Graco Comfortsport which I just loved but it had a low (40 lb) limit and the harness height was pretty low too so Zilla has outgrown it by height already before 2 years old! So I began my search for a new car seat and I found the king of all car seats - the Britax Regent! It has an 80lb limit and tall harness slots so Zilla will be able to stay harnessed and therefore safe for a very long time. To add to the greatness I totally got a rockin deal on it! Thats the way I like my baby - safe! Here is Zilla chilling in his new seat before I installed it in the car. He didn't even want to get out once he got in - he started crying to sit in it longer! He's a silly kid but he seems to really like it so we are both happy!

Our Weekend

Here is a slide show of some of our fun weekend with Nanna. Zilla had a great time and so did Nanna!

Just like a man!

Here is Zilla being a typical man - watching tv and scratching his butt! LOL I couldn't help but snap this photo. His Dad would be proud!

My little Artist!

Over the weekend Zilla was just drawing like crazy on his magnadoodle! Nanna would draw a face and Zilla would help her give the person hair and a bigger better smile! He did a great job!



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This fits


This just kinda fits today.

Don't ask why cause I don't feel like talking about.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I spoke to soon

Well I guess I may have jinxed myself regarding the green beans. Zilla has not only snubbed the lovely green beans but has been denying other stuff too. I tried to make him a grilled cheese - cause he loves him some cheese - but nope he wasn't falling for that trick! lol He's eating some pizza for dinner and they we will have some cake we picked up at Krogers today for dessert. Hmm no wonder I'm still fat - oh well my hubby 'says' he loves me no matter what!

I'm gonna try to post some more pictures of Zilla as soon as I'm not feeling lazy ok?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Holy Schnikies Batman

I think there may be pigs flying around somewhere in Georgia! My son, the same one who has been beyond picky when it comes to food for about 6 months now, friggin ate GREEN BEANS!!!!!

Yes you read that correctly Zilla ate some green beans - on his own without any word from me at all! This child hasn't had any desire to eat green beans - well ever. As a baby he spit the baby food out and had no inclination to eat the real things since. I personally love me some green beans but he wouldn't touch them. He hasn't eaten hardly any veggies at all (well i have got some in on him) for several months. He doesn't really eat tons of meat either - minus chicken nuggets and charlies sub's turkey - and he was anti-veggies. I had come to refer to him as a fruit-itarian, kinda like a vegetarian minus the veggies LOL. The kid could and would live on bananas, yogurt, cheese, grapes and chicken nuggets if I let him. So the green beans are a great step in the right direction!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Misc Pictures of Zilla looking cute

Playing Basketball
Pool fun!!
Playing with my friend outside"
Our little Chalk Eater <---- blackmail picture for later LOL
Playing in my sandbox - he would fill the bucket them dump it on himself!

Pictures From our MO trip

Okay sorry for the delay but I've been kinda lazy on downloading pictures. I know your all totally suprised that I would be lazy...LOL. Anyway here are some pictures from our Missouri trip.
Being a gentleman holding the door open for Grandma
Checking out some snake eggs at the zoo
At the St Louis Zoo
This is what Zilla did all during the graduation - walk around - no sitting around for little turd!