Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been Violated

Yes thats right people we have been violated at the Zilla household! Today while I was gone to an appt DaddyZilla and Zilla were home just hanging out. Well there was a knock at the door and it turned out to be a lady from down the street. She was here to return our McCain/Palin sign that she found down the street with hers!!! Yeah thats right some jerk came into OUR yard and took something that WE paid for and proceeded to wad it up in a ball and throw it down!!! They did this in broad daylight and while we (well DZ) was home! Someone has some seriously large balls. I should put daisy on them HAHA.

Her sign had previously been messed with so now we know that we definatley have a jerk in our hood that obviously has no respect for other people's property. I don't give a rats behind who your voting for but you should have respect for other people's property! So we will now be on sign lookout and if I catch you in my yard I will dang sure call the police and press charges over my $5 sign! Also if you think your guy is so stinkin great then why are you being all insecure and taking my sign - what do you have to worry about? Yeah thats what I thought

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All by himself

Tonight Zilla picked up a diaper off the livingroom floor and took it in the diningroom and threw it away! ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Without even being asked. I am just so darn proud of him - now if he would just go in the potty we'd have a party.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party CRAZINESS!!

Our remaining Cool Moms had the Halloween party tonight and well it was a BLAST!!!! It turned out so great and I'm glad that it happened the way it did. The kids were running around all dressed up and being well just kids. We had an incredibles character, iron Man, tinkerbell, a ballerina, a cheer leader, a monster bride, a skeleton, Kermit the frog, a little clown, a cate and my very own cowboy! Some of the adults dressed up to so we had Miss Piggy, Ellie Mae from the Beverly Hillbillies and the Lab chick (i can not remember her name to save my life -sorry) from NCIS. Miss Piggy and Zilla won the costume Contests!!!!! All of the kids looked awesome though it was hard to pick a winner but Miss Piggy won hands down! We also did a pie eating contest and guess what? I WON!!!!! I whooped some serious butt...LOL. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! Feel free to comment on how cute Zilla is!!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

**Katie asked where we got the chaps - Well Katie a True friend of mine made them! He also has a vest that she made to wear on halloween. She's just super creative and could beat Martha Stewart down if she wanted to - thats why I'm going to kidnap her and force her to move to alabama with me! LOL j/k kinda haha

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tagged again!

My darling friend Katie Tagged me so here goes. Here are 7 random things about me that you may or may not know.
1. I LOVE the smell of matches once they are blown out. It's just a nice bonus when I light a candle. I also like the smell of gas.
2. I love me a good bargain - it's hard for me to pass up a sale rack.
3. I talk to myself - mainly because I'm normally the only one that wants to listen to me LOL
4. I have weird dreams about myself - like I get cancer or in car accidents - that kind of thing. Don't know why but I've always had them.
5. I have monkey toes - I can pick up stuff with my toes easily LOL
6. I'm glad I had a c-section and wouldn't have it any other way
7. The cologne Drakkar smells like pure sex to me - it's SOOOO yummy on a guy.

I'm not tagging anyone but if you'd like to do it then cool! If not feel free to comment!!! HINT HINT people

Why oh why?

The girl that pulled out in front of DaddyZilla and caused the accident and all this mess went to court yesterday. She apparently thought it best to plead Not Guilty. All to avoid a fine and a couple points on her license. It's very aggravating because we are moving to Alabama in December and might now have to come back here for the court date. Blah

See people this is why I'm not a glass half-full type of person - there is plenty of reason for me to be the opposite. In fact I may install cameras cause it seems like someone may be dumping my water out all together! HA

Friends..Or not

It's pretty hard when you lose a friend but it's even harder when you find out that those people who you thought were your friends were really just lying users who make themselves feel better by belittling and ignoring others. It takes me some time to really get to know people and I try to select my friends carefully so that I know I can be myself around them. Well apparently there are some AWESOME actors here in Savannah, GA. These people can act like really good friends only to show their true colors later on.

It's a sad thing for me because I really thought they were my friends but I guess I was wrong.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playing with Food

Zilla decided to use his oatmeal a slightly different way than how it's suggested on the box. Enjoy - he certainly did! LOL
Photobucket Photobucket

Tag Your It!!!

I was Tagged by Bri - thanks! lol

What you do is find the 6th picture in your 6th album, post it along with the story behind it and then tag 6 other people to do the same. Since I don't really have albums I went with the 6th photo in my photobucket account, which is this...

Yep theres my Hero - Daddy!
This was taken a couple days after DaddyZilla left for Iraq. I had put pictures of us that we took the day he left in a frame and Zilla was taking a close look at them. He eventually loved on the frame so much that it broke and I just taped the pictures to the fridge!

I'm not tagging anyone since no one friggin reads this thing anyway LOL but if someone wants to do it then cool.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't let the door hit ya!

On my playgroups website we have been having a healthy, non threatening debate of sorts about politics - what else? Well yesterday one of our "members" - I say it that way because she never came to playdates - decided to try and take it down a different road. She instead of trying to explain why her candidate was the better choice decided instead to completely attack and insult the other candidate along with his whole Party and the members of our board who are voting that way. She went so far as to call "us" evil! Um yeah ok crazy.

Just a thought for those of you who would like to pull someone over to "your side" - DON'T try to badger the people! Telling me how much the candidate I like sucks won't help your case, or your candidate, very much at all. It's a much wiser idea to instead calmly and nicely tell them why you think your guy will do a better job. Just a thought but trust me when I say her ranting (which didn't make any sense at all anyway which we would have proved had she not high tailed it first) only made me want to dig in my religion clinging, gun toting heels! LMAO

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party Fun

Zilla went to a friends Birthday Party this morning and had tons of fun! They live out in the middle of nowhere and we got a little turned around from the directions but we eventually made it there. They had rented a bounce house and Zilla, along with all the kids, LOVED it! In fact I had to lure him out with his baby when it was time to leave! So thanks for inviting us - We had a great time!

*I would share pictures but as I turned on my camera it informed me that the battery was dead*

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why not me?

Can someone explain to me why exactly my darling son will follow any directions Dora the Explorer gives but will ignore even the simplest thing I ask him to do? Does Dora send out some kind of trance inducing wave through the tv? If Dora says jump well Zilla will Jump! I just don't get it.


Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the smell of bleach from your hands? How long will be here?

I have been cleaning some stuff up to put on craigslist and get it OUT of my house. Well I now reek of bleach and I can't get rid of it. Gosh you'd think I bathe in it Hopefully I'll sell this crap and it will all be worth it!

Just ask Hank

Thought this was totally cute!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The aliens must be back around here

That could be the only thing explaining people around here lately. I have recently posted some stuff on craigslist to sell it and get it out of my house. I am listing it at fair prices and with decent pictures. So why on earth people would e-mail and ask about the items (either if they are available or where I'm located so they can come get them) and then just dissapear when I reply back to them I'm not sure. Them being abducted my aliens is really the only thing that makes sense - well besides them just being plain jerks who like to waste other peoples time.

See I *try* to be nice and fair so when someone e-mails me first about something then I try and make sure they get the item since they saw it first. Well it's hard to do this when that person just dissappears - I mean if you decide you don't want it fine just reply back and say you changed your mind. Does no one have manners anymore? Blah I need this crap gone so people need to tell the aliens to bust off so they can buy my crap!

How Rude!

This evening I heard DaddyZilla talking to some lady at the door and I went to investigate. Turns out she lives a few houses down from us and had come to warn us. She had recently had her McCain/Palin yard sign vandilized! I couldn't beleive it - I mean how rude those sings aren't free and people should respect others property. It happened in broad daylight too. So we will be keeping an eye out for some NObama fans going around being totally not cool. I don't intend to vote NObama but I would never disrespect someone by going on to their property and damaging something they paid for. My husband fights for our right to put what you want in your yard and I am all about respecting that!

Oh and if you a-holes come into my yard and jack my sign up you better hope I don't catch you cause I will certainly call the police and probably smack the crap out of you while we are waiting on them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeling very frumpy

Is frumpy really even a word? Hmm anyway I've been feeling very totally unattractive lately and I guess I've decided to do something about it. Having no will power I'm guessing this won't be super easy not to mention having no time or energy but I'm gonna try to do better. It would just be nice to feel comfortable in my own body but since I gained a billion pounds while pregnant I just haven't felt very pretty. It doesn't help that two years after the baby is born I guess I can't really keep calling it baby weight - it's now officially just become fat! I have friends who are heavier than me and they seem to be totally at ease with their bodies - I'd like to know how they do it since even when I was what I would consider skinny now I thought I needed to lose weight. I did good so far this morning I went on a walk/run and actually ran most of the way - good job me considering that running on sidewalks is a lot harder than a treadmill.

Maybe DaddyZilla will help me out by watching the monkey so I can go to the gym. Maybe then he'll start thinking I'm good looking again!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I'm currently waiting on Noah and the Ark at my house.

It has finally stopped raining here! It freaking rained most of last night and seriously like 8+ hours here today. I'm not talking about a drizzle either people I'm talking about downpour. This is NOT a good thing cause the people in this town absolutely can not drive after it's rained - they just totally lose the ability. We also have little to no drainage in this city. If it even rains for like an hour, let alone the whole day, parts of our city are literally flood. There are probably people right now that have water in their house or are getting around via john boat! Ok I'm off to go face the masses on the highway - DaddyZilla wants some sonic for dinner YUM.

What Makes a Good Morning?

I'm not 100% positive but I'm pretty sure that finding pee ON your lap top doesn't.

Yep thats right this morning I was making waffles for the menfolk and Zilla walks into the kitchen saying "pee pee potty" (usually a sign that he's already peed but NOT in the potty grr) and I walk into the living room to look for the puddle. I found it but on top of my closed laptop and the floor beside it. That little turd went pee ON my laptop. So not cool dude. Luckily for him it was closed and he apparently didn't do any damage. Oh the joys of toddlerhood.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Had a surprise visitor today

I was relaxing while Zilla was napping I had the door open so that air could come in via the screen door. Well apparently when DaddyZilla left for work the screen door didn't close all the way. So when I was reading my book I was surprised by A BIRD!! Yes thats right a little tiny bird was apparently dared by his friend outside to fly into my house. He wasn't too happy once he got in though cause he forgot to leave breadcrumbs to get out! He flew into several windows and walls before I finally corralled him out the door. Then him and his buddy flew off. The birds around here aren't the brightest bulbs if you know what I mean.

Making of the Band

Here is the start of our awesome blue grass band! Zilla was totally lovin DaddyZilla's banjo!

Photobucket Photobucket

Zilla's picture taking skills

Zilla is really into taking pictures of himself lately. Here are some of his recent shots:
PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Pancakes and CHEESE?!?!?

Zilla being cheesey that is! We had pancakes for breakfast and Zilla decided that he wanted the two that were left over so he snuck up there and got them. When I caught him he decided to cheese his way out of trouble! lol

Heres a pick of Zilla "reading" a book we got from the library.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Road Trip

to Update city that is LOL get over it I thought it was kinda funny. I know I know Sorry DaddyZilla, he was probably making a crashing noise as he read that in case you were all wondering. My jokes "crash and burn" a lot around here but thats ok I'm really only trying to amuse myself anyway LMAO.

THE KID: Ok so here is the update on Zilla - he is doing well I did take him to the Urgent care yesterday because the 104 degree temp only went down to 102 and then came back again after an hour or two. So as it turns out Zilla hates ALL doctors/nurses not just the ones at our health clinic oh and he also has a real nasty ear infection as well as a sore throat. The doc thought it might be strep so he did a swab (TOTALLY fun oh yeah no it wasn't - for anyone) but that was neg YAY so he sent us on our way with an antibiotic and instructions to keep an eye on that fever. He HATES his meds -spits them out every time- but other than that today he's his normal tornado self, running around here like the energizer bunny on crack wreaking havoc on everything he gets near. So thats all taken care of - now just 8 1/2 more days to force him to take these meds - poor kid can't get the yummy kinds since he's allergic to amoxicillin. Oh well he'll be ok.

MATTRESS: For those of you biting your nails wondering how the mattress is working for us - WE LOVE IT!!!! Can't say enough good things about it. My back still hurts as does my neck a little bit but trust me when I say that has to do with the fact that I'm a 26 year old in a 90 yr olds body and not the bed. I feel SO much better waking up than I did before and I'm getting a deeper sleep too. I'm still adjusting to the firmness of it - I am more of a softer bed person but it's very comfortable for a firm mattress. DaddyZilla loves the bed as well. Zilla doesn't really dig it since he's not allowed drinks on the bed without supervision and he can't get on it at all if he doesn't have a diaper on (um hello thats a hint to potty train kid) oh and it's not that hot for jumping on - poor kid LOL. So go get yourself one!!!! **the link is in a post further down & as of today they still have some of the queen size for $699**

MOTORCYCLE: I can't remember if I told all (6) of you Harley has told us that the bike is pretty much totaled. It's going to cost only a few hundred dollars less than we paid for it to fix it. It has to have just about everything but the motor replaced! We are waiting on the "official" word from the insurance but i doubt very seriously they will fix it. Now hopefully we can find another one that DZ likes as much as he did that one. The girl who carelessly pulled out in front of DaddyZilla and caused all of this goes to court at the end of the month for her 'failure to yield' citation so hopefully she will plead guilty and take her fine because IF she pleads innocent (don't know why she would since we have like 5-7 witnesses including a cop saying it was her fault) then we *might* have a trial or something. Hopefully someone will help her see the light lol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rough night in the Zilla house

Last night at around 11 Zilla started to stir and then scream. I normally let him cry for a bit and he'll go back to sleep but nope not last night I just 'knew' that the screams where different so I went in to get him. Well he was indeed very upset and was also burning up. He had a 101.6 fever and wasn't very easy to console at all. Well after some much needed cuddling and some nasty barf we got him to bed.

I had REALLY hoped that he just ate something bad (yes I know that wouldn't explain the fever but come on people gotta have some hope right?) and would be back to normal this morning. Well I had my dreams of a nice easy day crushed pretty early (around 5am) when my darling sweet angel awoke screaming like a crazy person. I went in there and sure enough he was burning up like crazy -104.1 to be exact. We had even turned the air back on last night and to 72, yep thats pretty low around our house we usually bake here at Well needless to say it's 7:20am and he's still not feeling to hot but I've gotten him to drink some water and eat a little bit of a waffle. He is still hot as crap but he won't let me take his temp - blah to the "spiritedness" of my child. I think we will both be taking a nap today - 4 hours and counting!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

For Nanna

My pick for President
My VP pick

With love from mommy!

Soccer fun, um yeah soccer thats what it was

Here are some pictures of what Zilla did today at well during soccer anyway - he even had a teammate who joined him in not being near the team. LOL

Choo Choo, My heart belongs to you!

Zilla saw a Thomas the Train ornament at Hallmark the other day well when we went by that store while at the mall he remembered it and screamed his head off to go there! When I went in the store to get the ornament (we get one each year to celebrate something from the year) he wouldn't put the thing down! I mean literally he held that thing for all but 45 minutes between when he got it and when he went to bed! Here are some pics of him playing with the train
Photobucket Photobucket

Fun at Softplay?

So the softplay thats in our mall is where the kids go and have tons of fun - everyone but MY kid! What does my kid like to do at the softplay? Sit in his stroller and eat a snack! Today he crawled into the stroller himself to just sit there and watch the other kids play! See:

Time with Daddy

Here is Zilla playing with DaddyZilla

Soccer Last Week

Ok I know I'm stinkin lazy I should have posted the pictures from Soccer last week but anyway better late than never right?

Zilla had soccer with his new coach last week and well we like coach Keith WAY better than coach David. Keith seemed to understand that he was showing two year olds how to play and we like that. He asked everyones names and even remembered them so that was nice. They played some games - by they I mean everyone but Zilla cause he played for about 4 or 5 minutes and then ran around a lot. Here are some pictures: