Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sorry bout that

Okay sorry bout missing 6WS and my Sunday Reads - we was moving so my excuse this time is legit..lol. I'd love to make up the Sunday reads to you but well I'm not on my puter. See my mom is behind in the times (sorry Mena but you are) and doesn't have the internet yet - don't worry we will be fixing that ASAP cause Momzilla NEEDS the internet. Anyway a lovely friend of hers from work knew that I would just cry without my internet so he so nicely lent her his Sprint internet card thingy so thats what I'm using now but since one can only be nice so much he's gotta take it back so I'm using my mom's laptop and none of my links are on here. Hopefully that won't be a problem by next week!
I'm still unpacking - yeah I know we have a lot of crap but I'm gonna be going through it and when DZ takes the boy next weekend I'm gonna have a yard sale and get rid of some of it. I also need to go and get my E-Pass (for those of you fortunate enough not to live down here thats the thing that allows me to go through the tolls without having to stop every 100 feet to fish out quarters) fixed because my card on file expired so gotta fix it so it can get my of my money, need to get my new bank account all set up, and I need to get my DL taken care of cause it expires too - fun times people. So hopefully I'll be able to get it all taken care of quickly and without problems. Alright deuces people!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to the Sunshine State!!

Okay well we made it down to the wonderful Sunshine State and luckily for us it was indeed sunny and a very nice day out. DZ drove the UHaul while pulling my SUV and Zilla & I rode down in his new truck. The drive wasn't too bad just as boring as ever - thats a LONG time to be in the car for anyone but especially for a 3 year old. Saturday morning he wasn't actually feeling that well which didn't help. He woke up about 5am and came into my room and snuggled up with me and fell back asleep - that should have been my first clue that something was up cause that boy NEVER falls back asleep. Then when we met up with our friends for a 'goodbye' breakfast he said his tummy hurt and laid down on the bench and went to sleep! The first part of the drive he was pretty quiet and then he was just plain aggravated about being in the car. So anyway we made it down to Mena's house unpacked there and went to the storage unit where my dad and step mom met us to unload there. It was uneventful and I have plenty of room left over in the unit for when I find the "new" stuff I want to start over with.

The last two days have been eventful - moving and then last night Mena's pipes had a blockage so we had to call a drain guy to come flush out the pipes leading out to the road. Today I've been unpacking and rearranging things to make Zilla and I fit. Not bad so far but I do have plenty of motivation to find a job and get my own place! Ok laters!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today is the Day

This week has been insane - today is moving day. Hopefully Nanna has the internet already up and if not then that will be a priority this week so that I can fully update but right now I need to bust a move, So deuces people!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Selling Stuff and Derma Doc

So happy about yesterday it was just awesome. I've been posting stuff on craigslist for the last two weeks to try and get some things gone before the big move since we've had crap weather so I couldn't do a yard sale. I can't just donate the stuff I had set aside for my yard sale mainly because well even if I only made $20 well thats $20 I didn't have before and especially now I can't afford to lose out on any money so I've been putting the bigger stuff on craigslist and will just pack up the rest to take it down to the sunshine state and sell it there. Anyway the reason yesterday was awesome was because I managed to sell 3 pretty big items that I had listed and then I sold a bunch of Zilla's old clothes the day before. Not even a fraction of what I paid out for the stuff but can't complain too much. Still have WAY to much stuff I don't actually want to pack and move but oh well maybe it'll sell better down there anyway!

Going back to the dermatologist this morning to have her look at my lip to see if that crap helped any. I will have to update you once I get back or maybe tomorrow who knows.  Here are the shots of it so far: -try not to look up my nose kay? thanks

Two days in I think


One week mark - hurting but not that bad


Two Weeks and two days - the end of the meds - yes thats the HUGE blister on my lips - very very painful


Four week mark - no more blister (Thank the Lord) but it's all cracked, bleeding and scabbing still and it itches like no ones business!! Healing hurts people!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dr. Zilla to the ER please!!!

Zilla got this lovely doctor kit from his awesome Aunt and Uncle and he LOVES it. He thinks the 'shot' is SO cool and would take off the little wrist 'bandaide' for like 2 hours! The blood pressure cuff won't fit around a child size arm (not sure why that is but whatever) so he's been using me for that but at least it doesn't actually strangle your poor arm like the real thing so it's not so bad.

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Snow Day Pics

Okay so here are the rest of the fun pics from our Snow Day here in Podunk, Alabama!

Boy Scout Motto - Be Prepared! Well he's getting any early start on the Boy Scout thing I guess!
Daisy and Zilla running around like crazy people!
Thinking about sliding - he didn't though cause "momma it's not clean" LOL alittle OCD i guess
Moving the snow out of the way one scoop at a time!
My Fav pic - Even the snowmen here in Southern Alabama are hicks! LOL DZ couldn't help himself from posing with his little 'buddy' - I told him he should use it for his Christmas cards next year! *Not sure if you can see but we even took out a "tooth" to make him more redneck!*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Reads & V-Day

I know it's V-Day and all that but well the day just loses it's appeal when the person that "should" be showing their love instead is the person that is chatting with you about your impending divorce. So yeah well those of you who are getting loving this year good for you but I'm just gonna carry on like it's any other day - which it really is. Here are my Sunday Reads:

A Life Complete Mind reader Edward Cullen finds it near impossible to let anyone in. Raised by a selfish mother and an emotionally absent father, Bella doesn't let herself just be. Will they lower their guards down enough to risk being hurt? I liked this it was funny but still had an interesting plot. It's only rated T for teen so no smut here folks. Have a good read!

Mr. Horrible They meet at a gallery, from two different worlds. Watch as they learn... oh, who am I kidding here? They meet. They are opposites. They attract. This fic was crazy funny - like I seriously almost spit my drink out all over my computer when I read it. Bella is sarcastic and just a tad bit crazy whereas Edward is just a little too straight laced and needs a little help to loosen up and if anyone can help it's Bella. Can't get any funnier than drag queens, CEO's, drinking mothers, tin foil hats, tuna noodle casserole, sporks and the crypt keeper for a grandmother! Read on and enjoy this one!

Only two this week because well IMO Mr. Horrible is as good as two so that's what you get. Enjoy yourself and eat some candy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six Word Saturday!!

Snow Doesn't Belong In The South!

Seriously I live down here for a reason people! I am a beach gal not so much a snow person. We didn't even have the gloves and boots for proper playing in said snow. I heard sirens all day long because people down here don't know how to drive in this weather. I guess I can handle one day out of my 27 odd years though! lol Zilla had fun and that's whats really important.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day in the South

Ok first off WTF blogger? I had posts 'scheduled' this week and they um didn't post so seriously now I'm looking like a slacker again. Oh well anyway guess I gotta be a blogger babysitter now.

Ok first off I'd like to say that I live in southern Alabama so the fact that we got SNOW today is pretty darn cool and secondly not only was is snow but it was snow that STUCK to the ground! Thats pretty awesome normally the stuff this far south is just flurries that melt upon impact well not today folks cause we got like 3 inches of that fluffy whiteness. Zilla had a freakout as soon as his booty saw out the window at the buttcrack of dawn and wanted to go outside but we said no cause we were being mean coffee deprived parents. We eventually took him out and had a BLAST. Now I'm not gonna lie and say it wasn't fun cause it was but being the born and raised Floridian that I am I won't complain if the stuff doesn't come back for another 20 years! My 'inner kid' had fun but it's more of a beach kid if you know what I mean!! lol Here are the pics - as you can see in the first few the snow got heavier through the day!
Zilla and the dog running around having fun!
My new hood ornament!
SNOW ANGELS!!! - I even did one it was fun!
Getting snow for our mini snow ball fight

Okay I'm gonna post some more on Monday! Laters people!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Reads Time!!

Alrighty here are my Sunday Reads for you all. I finished these a while back but I really enjoyed them and they are all finished!! They are of course rated M for mature readers only becasue well why else would I be reading them? lol Enjoy!!
Love Among The Stacks And you thought libraries were just for studying...Bella, resident cool girl librarian, meets a dazzling law student, Edward while working at the university library. Will she help him find what he needs, what he wants? This story was really cute but I really think they could have drawn it out a little longer the ending seems kind of abrupt because there was so much potential for more. I love sarcastic Bella and who wouldn't want Edward spending coupious amounts of time at your work just to see you?
Dance With Me Edward Cullen is a well known author who takes a job at Bella Swan's bar to do research for his novel. As circumstance pushes them together they fall quickly in love, but will Bella's past be too much for Edward to handle or will Edward continue to surprise her. Life is never easy, but if you're willing to step out on the floor, it is always worth the dance. This story was really cute but it did certainly have some angst thrown in there. There is a sequel but I just didn't get into it but this one is pretty good. The idea of Edward behind a bar in a tight t-shirt tending bar is pretty good!
Music Notes Edward Cullen is Forks High Schools most eligible bachelor; Bella Swan is the talented new girl. In her music, Edward finds the piece of himself that he never knew he was missing. This story was just too sweet and I really enjoyed it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Back to Myself

First of all I'd like to say sorry for going 'dark' for like a week. I'd love to say there was a good reason and although there WAS a reason it wasn't a good one. My lip was hurting like all get out and I took the opportunity to apparently indulge in a huge pity party for one. I spent WAY to much time feeling sorry for myself and the situation that I've been thrust into. I shouldn't have done that mainly because it doesn't get me anywhere and also because pity is such a weak emotion and anyone that knows me would never and I mean never use the word weak to describe me. I'm normally a pretty strong willed person and can get through just about anything if I put my mind to it. Although I'm more than 100% sure that I will get through this transition in my life with minimal damage it's just a craptastic situation to be in and for the most part since this all "started" I've been pretty easy going and just all around 'good to go' about it. For some reason last week I just allowed myself to dwell on the fact that my life is changing in a way that I never wanted it to and it sucks even worse because I had no say so whatsoever in the changes - they were decided for me. I guess I like me some control and giving it up just isn't easy. Oh well anyway just wanted to say that my pity party is over and I'm back to "myself" - you know the one that just picks up and goes on because thats the only choice left.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Makes Me Want to Throw Up

Very recently DZ came home and told me about a fellow soldier (pains me to even call him that) here on our post that was arrested and is being charged with 36 separate counts of child pornography of himself and an 8 and 10 year (reportedly they were his own children) on multiple occasions. The police are reporting that the images are the worst the detectives working the case have ever seen in their careers. What makes me super extra pissed is that our local new station had the dudes mom on for an interview and she proceeded to say and I quote "I don't know how many thing he had to carry on his back before he broke.” and I can totally understand that she's stressed but...seriously lady? What on God's green Earth would make it ok to molest little children because you are carrying around stress? Hmm yeah I can't think of any either. I know he's her son but I have to say that at some point you have to let that fact go and actually see what your kid is doing to harm others. It's not like these are 'allegations' he was turned in by his own girlfriend when she saw the pictures on his laptop and he is in the pics um yeah pretty sure that just screams guilty and even if it was my own kid I'd be bringing up the front in the "take him to jail" parade because no kid deserves that - no matter what. This sicko should rot in Hell for what he's done and I certainly hope that once he's in jail someone or multiple someones make sure he gets whats coming to him for doing that to kids. His actions have such far reaching ramifications in those two kid's lives it's not even funny I just Pray that they both are able to get help and get past this.