Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sorry bout that

Okay sorry bout missing 6WS and my Sunday Reads - we was moving so my excuse this time is legit..lol. I'd love to make up the Sunday reads to you but well I'm not on my puter. See my mom is behind in the times (sorry Mena but you are) and doesn't have the internet yet - don't worry we will be fixing that ASAP cause Momzilla NEEDS the internet. Anyway a lovely friend of hers from work knew that I would just cry without my internet so he so nicely lent her his Sprint internet card thingy so thats what I'm using now but since one can only be nice so much he's gotta take it back so I'm using my mom's laptop and none of my links are on here. Hopefully that won't be a problem by next week!
I'm still unpacking - yeah I know we have a lot of crap but I'm gonna be going through it and when DZ takes the boy next weekend I'm gonna have a yard sale and get rid of some of it. I also need to go and get my E-Pass (for those of you fortunate enough not to live down here thats the thing that allows me to go through the tolls without having to stop every 100 feet to fish out quarters) fixed because my card on file expired so gotta fix it so it can get my of my money, need to get my new bank account all set up, and I need to get my DL taken care of cause it expires too - fun times people. So hopefully I'll be able to get it all taken care of quickly and without problems. Alright deuces people!

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