Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Reads & V-Day

I know it's V-Day and all that but well the day just loses it's appeal when the person that "should" be showing their love instead is the person that is chatting with you about your impending divorce. So yeah well those of you who are getting loving this year good for you but I'm just gonna carry on like it's any other day - which it really is. Here are my Sunday Reads:

A Life Complete Mind reader Edward Cullen finds it near impossible to let anyone in. Raised by a selfish mother and an emotionally absent father, Bella doesn't let herself just be. Will they lower their guards down enough to risk being hurt? I liked this it was funny but still had an interesting plot. It's only rated T for teen so no smut here folks. Have a good read!

Mr. Horrible They meet at a gallery, from two different worlds. Watch as they learn... oh, who am I kidding here? They meet. They are opposites. They attract. This fic was crazy funny - like I seriously almost spit my drink out all over my computer when I read it. Bella is sarcastic and just a tad bit crazy whereas Edward is just a little too straight laced and needs a little help to loosen up and if anyone can help it's Bella. Can't get any funnier than drag queens, CEO's, drinking mothers, tin foil hats, tuna noodle casserole, sporks and the crypt keeper for a grandmother! Read on and enjoy this one!

Only two this week because well IMO Mr. Horrible is as good as two so that's what you get. Enjoy yourself and eat some candy!

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