Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun With Friends!

Zilla had such a blast when we went to Bama for a visit so I thought I'd share some pictures of that with you all! I really wish we lived closer to our friends or rather family really ;)
Feeding the crazy Ducks
Two against one almost made it even LOL
He did SOOOO good on the balance beam!
In the jeep

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movie Time #1

In the last couple weeks I've seen quite a few new (to me) movies and I'd thought I'd offer up some reviews in a little series. So here are two for today!

Elizabethtown - Starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. It's a movie about a guy whos life is in shambles when his father passes away. On the way to take care of the details for his dads funeral he meets Kirsten Dunst's character who is just the girl to get him back on track in life.

I can only say that this movie is a huge FAIL!!! Seriously I kept asking myself why I was watching it while it was on but I just kept wanting something good to happen with that cast. I was completely dissappointed. Don't waste your time.

The Notebook - The story of Allie and Noah and their epic love. What great love doesn't face challanges?

I'm just gonna take a guess and say that I loved this just as much as every other girl on the planet. Who can't see the greatness that comes from a true pure love? I just loved Gena Rowlands she was so awesome. The ending is what I think we all want for ourselves - that kind of true love can't be overcome no matter what! Um see it if you haven't!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Baby Growed Up!

Yep today Zilla started Pre-K and I have to report aht he had a great tiem and seems excited to go back tomorrow. There were no tears at drop off and I think thats both a good thing and a bad for a mom cause it's a little nice to know you'll be missed. Zilla was only concerned with playing with the toys in the room so he barely spared me a glance as I left. He made some friends that he can't remember their names but he said he had fun. It's only half days for now and so far so good. Here's some pictures of my sweet angel face at school:
He even carried in his own bag of stuff!
Here he is in Circle time with the other kids:

Oh below is what I found when I was pulling out of the school this morning:
In case you can't see it's a multitude of fire trucks, cops and EMS people because right in front of the school someone lost control I guess of their SUV and flipped it across several lanes of traffic - it looked pretty nasty and caused a huge traffic jam on the other side of the road.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Reads!

Ok it's Sunday again so here are a few things to keep you busy!

Beyond The Past - Jasper and Bella have been together since the beginning. She is like a daughter to him in the way that he feels connected and protective of her. On a fateful day he meets the woman of his dreams and she leads them to their future family. But as Bella and Jasper begin to find true love and their soul mates and evil from their past surfaces to destroy them and all they have build. (All Vampire) This was an interesting story because Bella is much older than Edward and comes into the story with Jasper. The entire Cullen Family is thrown into a whole ordeal when Jasper and Bella's past comes back to get them.

Answering Bell Edward gave up his dream when his family needed him and Bella is finding hers after heartbreak. Neither may be ready to start a relationship, but can the undeniable attraction be ignored? Should it? I loved this story - The chemistry between Edward and Bella is amazing and instant. They are intense and therefore end up making mistakes that force their hands but it's just a great story!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Six Word Saturday

I really want to slap somebody

Ever have a day where you just need to get rid of stress? Yeah This week has been like that - I think I'm gonna be looking for a punching bag to invest in.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday Reads on Tuesday

Yep I blew this off on Sunday because well I was busy playing with my munchkin and fretting over my school work. I'm not sure that anyone outside of Anna even ever read my FanFic suggestions but I'm gonna keep posting them anyway.

Immersion Immersion: interest in something that occupies all the time & energy available. Bella, the new girl/vamp at Forks HS, smells something wonderful. Edward, a sweet geek, smells something great too. What if vampires imprinted/mated according to scent? This is a pretty short story but I just love it and read it every so often. I love both Bella and Edwards thoughts when they are "catching the scent" in the beginning of the story! It's a really good read.

Guarding Edward A stalker is trying to get close to 24 y/o HUMAN Edward Masen, a concert pianist. He hires Elite Guardians to keep him safe and to find out who is hunting him. Bella Cullen is the owner/operator of the company AND she's a 110 y/o VAMPIRE. It's been awhile since I read this but I've recently run back across it and I'm pretty sure that she's done posting the 110 epilogue/side shots lol well she doesn't have quite that many but it's a lot! Bella is the Cullen here and she and the gang are all out to make sure Edward is safe.

Yours, Mine and Ours Bella is a single mom of 3 boys.Edward is a single dad of 3 girls.Bella & Edward fall in love but have to convince their kids that their relationship is real.Twists&turns await these two broken families as they journey from broken to whole. This is much like the movie with the same name but I like the kids in this story. There were some things I could have done without but overall it was an easy read and I liked it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I give up

If you had asked me (or probably anyone that knows me IRL) if I was a quitter I'm pretty sure they would have told you a big resounding NO. Well we would have all been big fat liars apparently! I had to drop one of my classes which will put off my graduation until December. Those two classes were just going to be too much for me to be able to do well in both of them I'd rather only take one class than take two and possibly fail one. The class was Fund & Governmental Accounting and let me tell you that if anyone could make accounting any more boring and complicated it's the Government! I have taken more accounting and business classes than I can to remember but it was almost like I was reading another language! So needless to say with my other class being time consuming as well there was no way I'd be able to devote enough time to the Accounting class that I'd have to in order to understand it. Oh well I'm not happy about being a quitter but I'd be even more pissed if I failed it!  So there you have it I gave up on my class - I think next term I'm gonna take something that really interests me instead so it doesn't seem like work!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Six Word Saturday

School's Really Gonna Suck This Term

Yep that's right I am finishing up my first week of this term and I have to say it looks like an awful lot of work and I'm just hoping that my brain is up for it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Gonna Pray For You!

Here is a song thats just had me cracking up lately! Anytime I hear it I can't help but laugh and sing along. It's awefully fitting too! HAHA - enjoy! I hope the video plays okay but if it doesn't google the song!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Roll Tide Roll

Zilla and I have made our way back up to the awesomeness that is our previous home aka Alabama! We had to come so that we could get Zilla's check-up so that he can get enrolled in school. It would have been super great to have avoided driving to another state in order to get a 15 minute appointment out of the way but Zilla's Dad said that the Army won't let him change our address and henceforth being able to get a doctor in our own time zone! Hopefully we can rectify that in the near future. As it is I'm ok with visiting Bama because my best friends live here and I'm really enjoying spending time with them and so is Zilla. So anyway I'm off to get back to my fun trip! Deuces!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Looking Forward to My LONG Trip

Or well I guess I am sorta but not really! I gotta go back up to Bama Monday because my soon to be ex hasn't been able to transfer Zilla's records so in order for him to get his 4 year shots and the school check up we gotta go up there. Totally not wanting to drive especially for that dumb reason but I am certainly looking forward to seeing my friends. I miss them so I'm glad that we are gonna get to see them for a few days! Okay thats all I got today so have a good weekend!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrating Life

My grandmother passed away last month rather unexpectedly and it was a hard time for everyone in my family because she really was someone who gave all of us a place to gather and she was supportive of all of us no matter what. She was pretty much healthy until one day she just had a stroke and the doctors assured us that she was doing well (talking and remembering all of us) and that she would be better in no time. Well doctors, like anyone, were wrong and just days later we were all told that she went in a coma and wasn't expected to wake up so she'd be transferred to Hospice but she never made it that far and she passed away just hours later. Well thats the sad part but my grandmother wouldn't have wanted anyone to be sad and mourn her so after her funeral service family and friends were invited back to the house to celebrate her life. As you can see Zilla took that to heart and Grandma would have LOVED it! They were playing in the dirt and climbing around the cars all having a blast!
Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket

We will all miss Grandma but I don't think I could ask for a better Angel to watch over our family!

Bribery Gets a BIG Thumbs Up

Yep you read that right I'm all good with the bribery that's currently going in in front of me involving my son. Now normally that wouldn't be something I'd condone or be okay with but at the moment it's getting my extremely picky eater to eat his food! Mena is at this very moment bartering a piece of chicken (not in the nugget form!!!) for clicking on the Thomas Collapsing Suspension Bridge and a bite of mashed potatoes for Thomas books!

You see Zilla is OBSESSED with this train website - I mean he literally assaults his Mena with "we look at Thomas stuff" as soon as she walks in the door each night. Now if you haven't visited TrainsGalore and your kid loves Thomas the Train then WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?! They have just about anything Thomas that your kid could possibly want and the prices look reasonable! I mean obviously the site rocks if it can get my kid to actually eat!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Thought I'd share some pictures from Zilla having some serious fun in the sun!

Awhile ago we had a party for my littlest brother before he headed off to be a Soldier so here are a couple pictures of Zilla and his Uncle Brandon playing in the pool:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here's some pictures from a pool we put up out front:
Photobucket Photobucket

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Fun

July 12th was Zilla's 4th Birthday so we decided to celebrate it by going to SeaWorld. We had an awesome time and I really liked being able to have the whole day to spend with my baby. He loved the penguins the sharks but wasn't a big fan of the Shamu show (not a surprise because honestly it's always been a bit boring and now that they can't swim with them it's even worse) but overall it was a fun day. While we were watching the Clyde and Seamore Show (a sea lion slapstick show) we were sitting down towards the "wet zone" and the sky just let loose with some rain! Zilla loved the rain because he could 'splish, splash, splosh' in it now that everyone else moved to get under cover! He was splashing in this one puddle that seriously went up to his calf! That was probably his favorite thing he did. They have a kid friendly rollar coaster that we rode and Zilla seriously LOVED it and was really upset when we didn't keep riding it but MomZilla just refused to wait in a 45 minute line for a 3 minute ride! He had so much fun that the next morning when he woke up he asked "we go look at the fish again?" he cracks me up. We had fun so here's some pictures for you:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Inconsiderate People

I don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate while talking to others! Why can't people realize that their words and what they imply when they are talking to others effects the people they are talking to? I mean you can't just go around spouting off total crap without expecting that it might upset them and then say oh I don't want to fight with you...ugh!! I guess I must be in the minority because I actually try and think about what I'm saying before it comes out of my mouth. I was so upset by the thoughtless words that I was shaking! Talked to my littlest bro and he managed to make me feel a little better though - Thanks Bran!!

Here's a quote I found that totally expresses my mood:
“Stress: The confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living daylights out of some jerk who desperately deserves it”

Too often we underestimate quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Reads

Wow it's been a while since I've posted any reads. I haven't stopped reading just because I stopped posting so here are some for you:

The Next Door Neighbors Bella and Edward were high school sweethearts. They separated for college, going off in different directions…both agreeing to see other people. Now they are thrown back together 5 years later…as neighbors. Both are happily married to other people…or are they really? Can these two former lovers resist temptation and each other? Probably not…and is Edward still the same Edward that Bella remembers? Probably not.  This story was a perfect mix of crazy and awesome! I personally DO NOT condone cheating on your spouse and shame on Edward and Bella for even thinking about it but on the same breath sometimes your not meant to be with who you end up with so good for them for doing something to change that.

His Personal Assistant Bella Swan, personal assistant to handsome, rich, successful Edward Cullen, decides to take her friends advice and make her oblivious boss fall in love with her. This story was GREAT! I loved it and the characters are just too good. I couldn't love this Emmett, Jasper or Esme any more than I do. There was some angst that I could have lived without but overall it was a super story and really who wouldn't want to be stuck somewhere with Edward?

Thats it only two today but since they are both good and finished that should be enough! Oh those obviously contain Mature themes and should only be read by the over 18 crowd!