Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrating Life

My grandmother passed away last month rather unexpectedly and it was a hard time for everyone in my family because she really was someone who gave all of us a place to gather and she was supportive of all of us no matter what. She was pretty much healthy until one day she just had a stroke and the doctors assured us that she was doing well (talking and remembering all of us) and that she would be better in no time. Well doctors, like anyone, were wrong and just days later we were all told that she went in a coma and wasn't expected to wake up so she'd be transferred to Hospice but she never made it that far and she passed away just hours later. Well thats the sad part but my grandmother wouldn't have wanted anyone to be sad and mourn her so after her funeral service family and friends were invited back to the house to celebrate her life. As you can see Zilla took that to heart and Grandma would have LOVED it! They were playing in the dirt and climbing around the cars all having a blast!
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We will all miss Grandma but I don't think I could ask for a better Angel to watch over our family!

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