Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Reads!

Ok it's Sunday again so here are a few things to keep you busy!

Beyond The Past - Jasper and Bella have been together since the beginning. She is like a daughter to him in the way that he feels connected and protective of her. On a fateful day he meets the woman of his dreams and she leads them to their future family. But as Bella and Jasper begin to find true love and their soul mates and evil from their past surfaces to destroy them and all they have build. (All Vampire) This was an interesting story because Bella is much older than Edward and comes into the story with Jasper. The entire Cullen Family is thrown into a whole ordeal when Jasper and Bella's past comes back to get them.

Answering Bell Edward gave up his dream when his family needed him and Bella is finding hers after heartbreak. Neither may be ready to start a relationship, but can the undeniable attraction be ignored? Should it? I loved this story - The chemistry between Edward and Bella is amazing and instant. They are intense and therefore end up making mistakes that force their hands but it's just a great story!

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