Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anyone know what this is?

Do any of you know what kind of flower these are? I saw them outside a lady's house when we went to a pumpkin patch and I'd like to know what they are. It's the same flower in two different colors.
Photobucket Photobucket

I'm wondering because it's my ulitmate goal to find the "perfect" flower for a tattoo I want to get. This may not be my "perfect" one but I'd like to know anyway. Thanks!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very Merry Zilla Christmas!

Here are some pictures of our Very Merry Zilla Christmas!
Our Tree & DZ and Zilla doing stockings!

Zilla playing with his SpongeBob Ukulele & Zilla with his Areo GeoTrak train

Zilla also got a Leapster II (with games), dominoes, some Disney Cars stuff, some clothes and his Mater ornament - he loves ALL of his stuff this year well maybe not the clothes but you get what I mean! It was a great Christmas!

DZ asked for and got his RockBand for the Wii and a digital camera.

I got a nice lovely Zune from Zilla & DZ and then my best friend got me the above and some new glasses. I know it may look like it odd gift but well I'm kinda an odd girl. I ask for stuff I actually need as opposed to stuff I want each year and Billie is almost the only one who listens. Last year she got me a new broom - and I loved it! This year we actually swapped it and she asked (and got) stuff she needed so she opened up on Christmas day: some makeup, rubbermaid food storage containers and an iron. Yep so I guess we're both odd but thats what makes us the best of friends!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Six Word Saturday!!!

Gotta Clean the In-laws are visiting!!!

My in-laws are coming up tomorrow to visit and do Christmas with Zilla so today is cleaning day YAY!! I will be downloading the Christmas pictures today sometime and hopefully posting them soon. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


I hope that everyones Christmas is filled with love, joy and family! Enjoy one another! I'll be back to post pics of Zilla's fun filled day later!

A super special Merry Christmas goes out to my 'little' bro Adam who is currently serving the US Army overseas as well as one for all the rest of our Military Servicemembers & their families who can't be together this holiday due to their selfless commitment to serve our Country.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a Bedroom NOT a Bathroom!

I am thinking I may need to get Zilla checked out - either his eyes or his head. That kid decided yesterday that while in MY BEDROOM he had to go pee but didn't want to go into my bathroom located a mere few feet from him or walking to his bathroom or potty chair. No instead of using those time tested fail proof options he couldn't be bothered with them and he just had to go then and there. Now I know your probably thinking he peed on my floor but nope that's just not Zilla's way so I look over and see my darling son open up my night stand bottom drawer pull up his shirt and pee INSIDE! Yep you heard me he went pee in my nightstand - luckily for the both of us it was empty or else I would have had to hurt him but still. I couldn't even yell because I was rendered speechless and that's a pretty hard thing to do for me. I swear this kid drives me nuts.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Need To Pack Up Some Stuff

Today I think I'm gonna start going through some of the stuff I have laying around and getting rid of some and packing up others. This is gonna be SOOOO fun...or not.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cooking Time with Zilla

Zilla has started to become more interested in his "food" items. Today he is cooking 'dinner' (at 1:29pm) for me. The menu includes a nice pot of: green grapes, purple grapes, an egg, a waffle, a pretzel, chicken and fries. He brought his pot out using his two kid sized oven mitts and his potato masher! He put them on the plate and gave them to me saying "here mama eat your dinner" - too bad that line doesn't work on him! I think I like Chef Zilla!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PODS have been abducted

I think the people that do the PODS storage things have been abducted or something because there is no way in hades that their price quotes are done by sane people from Earth. I looked them up tonight and it would have cost me almost $1,000 to have one for one month! Um can we say rip off? Thats just crazy!

On a good note I did get most of my wrapping done just a couple things left to wrap up and I'll be good to go. Need to mail some boxes tomorrow too - sorry peeps that crap may be late - oh well it's the thought right? I mean I did think about getting them wrapped and mailed sooner so that counts doesn't it? If not oh well maybe I can play them off as New Year's gifts. I'm so not into the whole holiday thing this year. I wish I could just cancel it altogher.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Eight Years

Thats how long I've been married as of today. Eight years ago today DZ and I held up several court house workers in order to get married before he left for war . You see we had planned to get hitched the following May that is until the events of September 11th and DZ was given orders to go overseas. We had an appointment to get married in the little cramped office with our family and friends present in the afternoon but DZ had to drive down from GA and because my luck just sucks like that he got caught in TONS of traffic and was WAY late. The people were all super-duper nice (you know all that patriotic feeling was still going strong at the time) so they actually kept the court house open past closing time for us and then took us up to an actual court room since we had about 20 family & friends present. It was nice and well just 'us' so we decided not to have a traditional ceremony when he got home from OEF.

It's been extremely trying at times and there have been plenty of tears and fights but those are just the life of a Military wife. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Six Word Saturday!!

Seriously need to get more sleep

Friday, December 11, 2009

Movie Review Time!!

Here are some reviews! I know your super excited!

New Moon - I can't believe that I haven't reviewed or even talked about NEW MOON yet so here goes! It was the second book/movie in the Twilight series (in case you've been living under a rock LOL) and I LOVED it!!! My friend and I went to see it right after it came out and besides the fact that a tween totally spilled her popcorn on my friend and made us move because we couldn't stand listening to them talking the whole time. The film was so much better put together than Twilight - just goes to show you money does get you a lot! I can't wait until Eclipse comes out next year!

Hotel For Dogs - Placed in a foster home that doesn't allow pets, 16-year-old Andi (Emma Roberts) and her younger brother, Bruce (Jake T. Austin), turn an abandoned hotel into a home for their dog. Soon other strays arrive, and the hotel becomes a haven for every orphaned canine in town. But the kids have to do some quick thinking to keep the cops off their tails. It was pretty good I laughed quite a bit.

The Proposal - When she realizes that she's going to be deported a book editor pursaudes her assistant to marry her and trouble ensues. It was FREAKING FUNNY AS CRAP!!!! DZ and I could stop laughing. If you haven't seen it then well you should.

GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra - The elite GI Joe team set off on a mission to stop the evil arms dealer Destro. This movie wasn't too bad I mean there were TONS of action scenes and the acting was pretty good but there were some seriously cheesey lines and I'm sorry but the lead Channing Tatum just drives me nuts and not in the good way. It was worth seeing but not buying IMO.

The Ultimate Gift - A young man recieves a series of "gifts" from his grandfather that he must complete in order to receive his inheritence. This was a really good movie and I totally would encourage everyone to see it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blast from the recent neglected past

Here are some pictures that I took of the monster but didn't get posted. More to come later!
This is Aunt Mel, Zilla and his cousins - We sure have some handsome boys in the family!
This is my AWESOME brother (well one of them) with his son and Zilla - they were looking at his iPhone
This is Zilla climbing up a wall with another AWESOME brother - Zilla climbed up that whole thing with NO help!!
This is Zilla, Ev and Grandpa playing soccer outside of my brothers going away party
This is Zilla and my nephew - my brother and I must have played keep away with them and that balloon FOREVER - it was sooooooo fun and they had a blast!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wii is making me laugh

Right this very minute I'm watching Zilla watch DZ play the new Mario Brothers game on the wii and I'm just freaking cracking up. Zilla is repeating some of the sounds (he's currently into that parrot stage - yeah it's awesome) and gasping whenever DZ dies (which is totally a lot). Zilla has also been giving my husband directions like "watch out" and "go that way" but sadly either his 3 year skills are lacking or the 30 year old's skills are cause he keeps dying! Watching Zilla's face is about to have me peeing in my pants it's so funny.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I know, I know

I wish I could come up with a good excuse as to why I've been slacking off but well yeah I can't I've just been extremely lazy. I mean there has been some serious craziness going in with me but for the most part I can't say thats any real reason. Oh well I'm going to attempt to get my head back in the game because I honestly miss writing my posts.

DZ had planned to take Zilla down to visit the in-laws for the weekend so I was going to have two whole days of kid-free-ness but my plans went down the drain because DZ woke up sick - blah. So now me and the boy are hanging out watching tv (him) and reading (me). Maybe DZ will feel better soon cause he seriously owes me! lol

Six Word Saturday

So much for my kidless weekend

Thursday, November 5, 2009


My grandpa passed away yesterday. He had been sick for quite some time and luckily Zilla and I were able to drive down and see him in the Hospice House the night before he passed away. He lived a long life and has tons of people that will always remember him - he was a great man and will be sorely missed.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Yay I'm gonna start doing this

I know excuses are like a-holes

Well I certainly have one for not blogging in forever. Um here it is.... life actually! I was wrapped up in school which sucked by the way and then home has been crazy. Hey I didn't say they were good excuses!
On a much less pleasant note my Grandpa, who has been dealing with cancer for a while now, is not doing so well at the moment. Hospice is involved and he's currently in the hospital because he had a mini-stroke and his blood pressure was crazy high. So needless to say it's pretty much a waiting game at this point and even typing that has me crying. The last time I saw him he looked so much different and hardly looked like my grandpa anymore. He is in so much pain right now and that’s just so wrong I mean after raising my dad and his siblings he doesn't deserve any more pain - sorry guys but you know what I mean! lol

On a crazier better note I may be getting married again. Wait DZ I can't explain! I was supposed to be being a good friend and watching my best friend’s kiddos aka my "other kids" children today for her because she had an early meeting at work. Well I set my alarm like a good girl and I'm not sure if the blasted thing is broke from non-use or my child just turned down the volume but either way I totally didn't wake up when I should have. Well she went ahead and left so she wouldn't be late and her older son (don't call CPS he's old enough to be here for the 8 minutes alone) let me in. Well because she is the BEST she text me that there was coffee for me -um she doesn't drink coffee- so I did the only thing I could do- I text her back that I love her and asked her to marry me - duh. Then I thought about it and had to text her back that I hated my alarm clock because I would have rather proposed properly I mean doing it via text is not really romantic. right? Anyway she hasn't said yes (actually she text back that I was crazy - wonder who clued her in) but I can be pretty persuasive when I want to be. LMAO

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hannah Montana and Lady Gaga..what?

Wow does Zilla have some eclectic music taste! He seriously LOVES to dance and sing songs so I have a playlist on my puter for him and it currently holds: Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas, Let's Get Crazy by Hannah Montana, She's Country by Jason Aldean and Poker Face by Lady Gaga! Who would think that he could go from Hannah Montana to country music and then back around to Lady Gaga! He LOVES them and practically begs me to play "crazy" and "country" over and over and over and over all day long! He knows all the words to Lets Get Crazy and the majority of them to She's Country and Poker Face. I really need to get him on video when he is singing and dancing to these things - to Poker Face he sways his hips and runs in circles dancing it's freaking hilarious. I promise to try and capture it on video for you all soon!

Oh my classes are over for the moment so hopefully I can manage to get on here more often!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fitting Shirt for the Blog

I have been looking online with my bestest buddy for some cool Twilight shirts to get and wear to the premire of the New Moon Movie (yep we are letting our inner tweens take over but I'm okay with that) and I found one that I might have to get just becuase it flows with the blog. What do you all think?

Obviously if you haven't read Twilight you might not get it but thats okay with me too LOL.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Boys Bad Boys

Very early this morning DaddyZilla and myself were woken out of our peaceful slumber to the lovely sounds of domestic violence coming from next door. Our neighbors in all of their redneck glory decided to get drunk and scream at each other in their driveway at 2:30am. DZ and I became alarmed because well they were being awfully loud and it didn't sound like a "small" fight not to mention that she is pregnant and he was throwing things around in their garage so we did the smart thing and called the popo on them. We may live in Podunk but they don't play here when it comes to that stuff so within a few minutes two police cars showed up and in true cops fashion both of our neighbors went running towards the car trying to tell the cops their version of the 'truth' first (he was shirtless and she's pregnant so it really looked like a cops episode). I'm not really sure if anyone got 'taken in' because the cops were there forever and I eventually went back to sleep but it sure was entertaining.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fries, Jellyfish and Hannah Montana

Those are all things my son decided to obsess about today. He has had me play Hannah Montana's song 'Let's Get Crazy' about 15 times now and he's singing and dancing to it and I'm cracking up over here. He's also been bugging me about having some jellyfish aka grape jelly LOL and fries aka tortilla chips - he's a strange kid.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hell Yeah He Did It!!!!!!!!!

ZILLA WENT POOP IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He just came into the office and told me "mama wipe the butt" and when I went out to get wipes I found a full blow poop sitting in his potty which meant that not only did he have a real poop with no help he also realized he needed to go and sat on the potty to do it!! This is such a HUGE thing in our house not only because of the normal potty training thing but also because Zilla has been having poop issues for almost the last year that made it so he needed some kind of help to "go". Sorry if that was TMI but well I'm just too damn happy to care!! Hopefully he keeps this up but now I just need to figure out how to convince he to actually tell  me when he has to go so I can put some clothes on the boy! Oh happy day in the Zilla Household!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Search Engines are SO odd

I was doing an image search for an idea I had for Zilla's halloween costume and I came up with some odd results. I searched for a pic of a favorite 80's toy (nope not gonna tell you which one before hand - I want you all to see it once I get it together!) that was totally innocent so that I could figure out what I need for the costume. Well on the FIRST page of the results for this toy I saw a nice image of a women/girl dressed in a red raggedy ann type wig painting with a paint brush nipples onto a blow up "friend" which was also wearing a raggedy ann wig.

Who on God's green earth decides the order in which these things come up in a search. I mean I know there wasn't any technically adult content but it was just wierd. Thought I'd share with you all!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My kid the...Dog? What?!?

Zilla has all the sudden for no apparent reason decided that he's going to start "marking his territory" just like a dog. Today he has literally lifted up his leg then randomly pee on stuff!!!! Whats up with that?

Monday, August 24, 2009

School and some Funny Reads

Okay so I've started my classes and I've just got to say that school is sucky great. I'm taking an accounting class that isn't too bad but I can't say that say for pos class because it's Taxes for Individuals and it makes me want to poke myself in the eye with my pen! I mean I knew going into it that all of my classes would be boring because well lets face it Accounting doesn't exactly scream excitment but dang I never thought I would literally want to burn a book - the only reason I haven't is because well that book was freaking expensive. Anyway I've been busy with that and trying to do stimulating things that will keep my brain from revolting.

Speaking of keeping my brain from crying here are a couple FanFics for you all since I know that everyone aka Anna will enjoy them! They are parodys of the Twilight series so seriously even if you didn't like the books these will crack you up! I almost cried from laughing so hard.
Renegade Characters - Book One
Glitter of Doom - Book Two
Triangle of Shippiness - Book Three
Uterus of Steel - Book Four

I'll Never Talk to My Mom Again

Well thats how it will be if Zilla has anything to do with it. He has been obsessivly talking to Nanna on the phone for a couple days. In the (recent) past when asked to talk to someone on the phone he had a VERY short attention span and would easily get distracted and run off. That was the past though because for the last couple days I called Nanna and asked if he wanted to talk and that little monster ran off with the phone and wouldn't let me talk to my mom at all. The first night he talked to her for 45 minutes! Thats like a year for a toddler! Then last night he got out the step stool, drug it to the phone and brought the cordless phone and said "me call mena" - for some unknown reason he calls Nanna mena. I've had to literally take the phone away from him!

** on a side note I wanted to let anyone who was wondering that the dermatologists called and my spots that I had cut off came back just fine. I'm happy to say the least.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I got Cut

Yesterday I went to my very first dermatologist appointment to have a couple places looked at. I've got some serious family history in regards to skin cancer so when I noticed that one of my freckles had changed I set up an appointment. The awesomemess that is my insurance {insert serious eye rolling} decided to refer me to a place about 40 miles away but when I called they told me that they "moved" and gave me a new address. When I googled the address that the lady gave me it was not 40 miles away but rather over 100!! Yep I had to drive 2 freaking hours to go this place. Luckily for me my follow up appointments can be done at the closer office.

Anyway once I got back there they cut off one mole just cause it irritated me and then the not good looking freakle so that it can be sent to the lab. Wow the one on my back HURT like seriously last night I had to take a Tylenol with Codine in order to not cry! So now I just have to let them heal and wait for the results on the freaky changing freckle. Hopefully it's nothing cause I'd hate to think how much it would hurt if they needed to take more off! It was in interesting experience and it really helped me remember why we should all wear sunscreen!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Following Daddy

Nanna found this super cool Chinook lighter thing and gave it to us hoping that DZ would love it since thats what he works/flys on but who would have guessed that Zilla would fall in love with it? Well Zilla decided that he couldn't get enough of the "cool helicopter" and played with it until he eventually broke and mangled it beyond repair! Seriously he broke off the wheels and bent all the blades so maybe he won't be following in daddys footsteps afterall since he didn't fix it but oh well we're just happy he has good taste in helicopters!!
Here he is playing on one of his "missions" in the kitchen:
Photobucket Photobucket

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Messes can be fun

Well for zilla they can be at least. I swear I am about 2 clean ups away from pulling all my hair out!! The kid just totally loves making me do "house wife" stuff I think. Maybe him and DZ had a secret talk about making me get off my butt and getting busy and that's why he's doing all of this. Everyday it looks like a small disaster happened in my house. This morning I woke up to find that not only is every toy he owns on his bedroom floor he also turned over his tool bench but he also flipped over his art easel!!! Here are a couple pics of some recent "fun" he's had:
Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, July 27, 2009

To Do List: Call FEMA

Yep I need to pencil in a time to call FEMA sometime soon. I am seriously thinking that Zilla may be a 5 on the Tornado Fujita Scale! His new hobby has become "lets see how much havoc I cam cause in a short amount of time" and I have to say that I'm not really digging this new hobby as it always ends with me wanting a nanny cleaning.

Photobucket Photobucket

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doesn't Look Comfortable

Zilla certainly has an odd idea of comfort that's for sure. I found him IN his toy box when I went in to get him after nap one day! He had a pillow in there which made it better but he left the toys in too - oh well maybe it's a boy thing but I personally prefer my memory foam!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is How All Weddings Should Be

OMG my sister sent me this link and its SOOOOOO dang funny. Seriously every wedding should be this fun! Go watch and enjoy - sorry I don't know how to put the video actually on here - if you know and want to share feel free!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why you shouldn't drink and Text

Okay recently a friend (she said I could say who but I won't) told me about a nice night out drinking with her friends and I just couldn't help but use this as an example of why people shouldn't be anywhere near their cell phones when drinking. Okay heres the back story: She works for a company and met this guy at an out of towm work conference. They live on opposite coasts but over the moths have become quite close -just friends up until this point even though they do talk everyday- and she recently decided that she wouldn't mind going a little beyond friends with him. So....she decided that she should tell him, via drunk txt, that she likes him. Here are the texts: (her comments -to me- are in RED )
Me: Hi are you?
Boy: hey hun! getting ready for my flight later...drinking time! aowwww!
Me: I need to woo you do you have time? (classic)
Boy: plenty of time...2 drinks done
Me: Well...
Me: Apparently I suck! (have no idea why i said that but i probably do)
Boy: you don't suck! pleassssse! you rock
Me: So when are we going to see each other again?
Boy: lpl baby! (my work conference in ca)
Me: See you then :)
Boy: oh hell yeah! you and me...magic
Me: Ha ha ha...I miss your sexy ass!!! (LOL...i can't believe i agreed to you posting this)
Boy: oh the things i'd do to you...
Me: yeah yeah...tell me all about it!? (i make no sense)
Boy: when i first see you...i won't say a word...i'll wrap my arms around you and kiss you for a LONG time
Me: that would be so better not be teasing me :)
Boy: waaayyy into the truth serum...then we'd walk to my car....and why not...we'd make love
Me: Really??? I'd hope for that but your sceptical?!?! (not sure why i said he was sceptical)
Boy: who says i'm sceptical? sure things are just know :)...btw..the plane is going to take off in 10 min...will be off line for 2 hours
Me: here i go...i really like you! i like your personality and I like you...Hopefully talk to you soon...blah blah (LMAO - one of my friends should have stopped me before this one)
Boy: don't worry i like you more :) a lot i go..i think about you a lot...and include you in my plans :)
Me: no worries...looking forward to seeing you soon :) (WTF am I talking about?)
Me: I was hoping we could camp (still don't know WTF i was texting.)

I have to say that my FAV part is the 'wooing' comment - it's just sooooooo dang funny that 1)someone would say this in 2009 2)a GIRL would say this at all and 3) that if said person would say this it would be via texting because the whole concept of wooing someone should not even come near any kind of modern day tecnology LOL I her but this stuff seriously made me almost shoot coffee threw my nose when she told me on the phone. Also funny is that when she e-mailed them to me she listed him as 'boy' - they are 30 lol. Ok I'm still cracking up over this. I gotta go before I pee my pants reading it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FanFic addiction? DZ would say yes!

Okay I've been keeping myself busy with the FanFiction for a while and since I know I promised to give up some links to some good ones here goes! These are in random order and like I've said before some are seriously mild and then some most  okay all are rated M for mature so keep the kids away.

Stay Edward is an actor who falls in love with Bella his nieghbor in the small town that he goes to escape his fame. It's a cute story and there is some sex but its mostly rated M because of the language. No vampires - sorry! I liked this one it was really cute.

Tattoo Bella is a girl who doesn't believe in love but maybe Edward can change that. Lots of cursing and some sexual scenes. Rated M No vampires. This was good and there were parts where I just couldn't stop laughing!

Tattoo Two'd This is the continuation of Tattoo. Also very funny and had me totally cracking up! Still Rated M.

For the Love of Bella Alrighty this one does NOT have Edward in it instead Bella is best friends and roomates with Emmett and Jasper. Bella and Jasper figure out they have feelings for each other. Rated M for mature due to language, sexual scenes and violence. Really nice story even if Edward isn't in it. No Vamps - sorry!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun This one is Bella Rose and Alice are taking a Disney Cruise/Vacation to celebrate graduation and they happen to meet three handsome doctors on board and fall head over heels for them. Throw in a sister and some crazy "special brownies" and this story will have you bending over laughing! Some parts are just silly but then again with all that Disney you have to expect to roll your eyes a little. Again no vamps!

Shadows Bella found herself falling victim to a rapist/murderer when Detective Edward interupted the crime. They both immediately feel a connection but can he keep her safe when the killer begins stalking her? This one can get pretty intense and is quite graphic so if you can't handle reading about rape/tourture/murder then steer clear. No Vamps and obviously rated M.

I've got some more in my favs but I'll save them for later! I just love these stories - some of the people that write them do an amazing job! I've read a TON of fluff too but it's nice to have something to keep me busy! Let me know what you all think! If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Bash

Okay for Zilla's b-day yesterday we had a couple of friends over for pizza, cake and ice cream. I made Zilla a 3D Lightning McQueen Cake (that I carved myself and will NEVER be doing again) and he loved it! Here are some pictures:
Photobucket3rd b-dayPhotobucket

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Zilla!!!

Three years ago at 11:50am I brought the sweetest little boy into the world. Zilla came out a nice big 9lbs 15.3oz and has continued to be a huge part of my world ever since. He is constantly getting into (and starting) trouble but since he has the most adorable smile on earth we let him stick around HAHA. So anyway I just wanted to say a bug THANK YOU to the Lord above for blessing me with an Angel here on Earth!

Anna - I'll post some links later - I promise lol

Friday, July 10, 2009

Who needs sleep? Um, Me thats who

Last night I got zero sleep and I'm seriously paying for it now. There was however a reason why I choose to keep my lids open. Yesterday evening DZ, Zilla and I met a couple of old friends at a park here on post to let the kids all play together while we all chatted. Well Zilla was sitting on his knees on one of the concrete benches coloring with chalk when all of the sudden he lost his balance and fell backwards. He fell off the back of the bench and landed about 2 feet below on concrete. He hit his head pretty hard and as you can imagine I was worried out of my mind. We didn't let him go to bed and we also checked his pupils and his grip reflex not to mention that he was acting normal so we were pretty sure that all was well but...well my mom brain just couldn't actually even consider going to bed. So I checked on him throughout the night to make sure that he was breathing and that the knot on the back of his noggin wasn't getting to large or anything. He's currently sporting an awesome sized goose egg but otherwise seems to be doing well. Today would be the day that DZ has to work a day shift so no nap for me. What we do for our kids. I have to say thought that seeing him fall was some seriously scarey stuff and I don't really think that my heart actually needed that jolt. He didn't go to bed until almost 11pm and that turd stil got up before 7!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm SO excited!!

I just found out recently that my bestest friend and her family might be moving here to Podunk!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO friggin excited about it that I just can't stand it. I was jumping around like a crackhead for a while and if I could smile any bigger my head would explode!! This place sure wouldn't suck nearly as much if they were here!!!

I know I've been MIA for a bit but I've just been busy reading my smutty fanfiction and signing up for my accounting classes - I'm sure you can just feel my excitement radiating through your computer about that LOL. I wish that either one of those were a good excuse but since they aren't I'll just say sorry and try harder to be around for you guys!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hope everyone has an awesome fourth!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

How Mean

Yesterday I was relaxing on the couch with DaddyZilla when all of the sudden he looks over at me and busts out laughing. To give him a little credit he was trying to hold it back but he just couldn't for long so when I asked what was so darn funny he proceeds to tell me that my hair is sticking up on either side of my head like horns! Well gee I wonder why this would bother me. So when I got offended and asked him "oh like a bull?" (he does this a lot - comparing me to various farm animals) he then said "nope like the devil" WHAT?!?!?  Then he went on to tell me that -to him- comparing me to the devil was better than comparing me to a bull. Um no, no it's not. It is not my fault that the whispy hairs on my head curl -my mom has some seriously curly hair- but to say that I look like the devil and to then put up his fingers in a cross manner when I looked at him made me want to beat the freaking crap out of him is just wrong.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Okay I'm usually late on this kinds of stuff but knowing my serious {yes I'm totally admitting it} addiction, hey you'd be addicted too if you finally found some books you could reread - don't judge me, to the twilight series books WHY ON EARTH didn't any of my darling online buddies tell me about all the Twilight FanFiction stories floating around on the internet? I'm demanding an answer!

I read one yeaterday and although it was VERY loosely related to the actual flow/plot of twilight it was super duper good. I've started reading a new one today and it looks really good to. Some of the ones I've heard of are pretty low key and some are pretty darn smutty. It has kept me locked up in my office all weekend but oh well - good brain stimulation is worth it right? Once I get a few compiled that I like I'll post them for you but if YOU have any {don't be holding anything back from your friends - its rude} then post them in the comments!! YEAH POSTING COMMENTS IS GOOD - I REALLY LIKE COMMENTS hint hint hint

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wow just wow

It's just crazy that in such a short time we have lost two American Icons. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett are both now hopefully in a better place. No matter what people think of either of them I feel extremely sad for their family and friends especially their children. I just Pray that they can get through this and be left with lots of loving memories.

Monday, June 22, 2009


**The opinions expressed here on this blog are exactly that, just my personal opinions, I mean absolutely no disrespect for anyone who agrees with this method of childbirth. So don't anyone go and get on any high horses okay?**

I watched the show FreeBirthing on Discovery Health the other night and I couldn't help but watch it - in that same way you can't help from looking at a train wreck. The show follows moms who are practicing the Free birthing method of childbirth. These people choose to give birth with no drugs, no midwife and no medical support whatsoever.

Now I'm all about the fact that women should be able to choose how they want to give birth I mean we are carrying the kid after all but this show really put a nasty knot in my stomach and I watched with my mouth hanging open. Home births are one thing but these ladies had absolutely NO ONE with any medical training nearby! One of the couples not only had no medical personnel present at the birth but she also choose not to have ANY prenatal care and leading up to her birth she suspected (knowledge she gained not from medical school but by using the blood pressure machine at Wal-Mart and a stethoscope she bought off Ebay) that she had placenta previa! Um I didn't have that condition while pregnant but I know that it can be VERY dangerous for mom and baby. That lady had someone come to her house to teach her infant CPR instead of just going to get looked at "just in case" her baby couldn't breath when it came out - she asked the CPR instructor how long the baby would have to be without oxygen before it died "just in case" and when asked about that very real possibility she said "well I know it could happen and I know I would feel really bad about that" Um gee you think? They tied the baby's umbilical cord with a SHOESTRING!! I mean really that's just ugh.

There are mid-wives out there that will do a home birth and assist as little or as much as you want so WHY IN THE HECK would you do this and possibly put your baby at risk just so that you can have the kind of birth experience you want? I mean I just could not imagine doing anything that would put my son in danger - even a little bit of danger. Isn't a little doctors help worth your kid living a full and healthy life? I know that our bodies are designed for childbirth but all it takes is a few minutes without oxygen and that baby is DEAD - I just can't fathom being so selfish that I would risk my son for anything at all. Maybe my opinion would be different if I'd have had a horrible birthing experience but somehow I can't think it would.

What do you all think? Yep I'm asking you all to ACTUALLY COMMENT!! Come on I know you all can do it - I believe it you!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We love Sticks

While we were visiting Nanna in Orlando Zilla became aware of Yogurt in Sticks (GoGurt is one brand). He fell in love with them! He decided to call them "sticks" and it's stuck. He practically begs me for one!!!! He says "yumm mom need a stick, it's so yummy" LOL he really cracks me up.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Too Cute For Words

Picture Fun!!
Here is Zilla being super duper cute carrying an umbrella:
Zilla rolling golf balls with Mawmaw and bouncing on the trampoline with Nanna:
Photobucket Photobucket
Playing at the playground;
Sitting outside in the hallway during Uncle Brandons Graduation:
Wearing his new cool hunting shirt that Grandpa got him:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Workin Hard For The Money

Here is Zilla workin hard for his spending money LOL

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun at the Splash Park

I took Zilla to the Splash Park that just opened up here on base and he had a BLAST!! He loved running through the water and playing with the other kids! He ran around with his friend Lucian playing dinosour or monster or something that involved growling and running I'm not 100% sure LOL. They have four big rings that are lined up to form a circle and although Zilla was intially scared of them he soon found that he loved to "run in the rain" - thats what he called them haha- and kept that up for a LONG time. The splash park is gated off from the big pool -that has a awesome looking slide- and Zilla was totally disgruntled that I wouldn't take him to the pool we had a good time. I am going to request that they consider a kiddie pool though cause I just can't take him to a big pool by myself. Oh well DZ promised that we would all go together soon and he can fight with Zilla in the pool. Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I just saved us some Money!

Yesterday I came to the realization that our dryer was not actually drying anything, it was getting hot but the clothes weren't dry. I didn't notice this until I had one load in the washer and then the one I was trying to dry. Not wanting to hang clothes up outside (not that we have a line out there or anything) DZ and I rigged up a line inside the laundry room to hang up the clothes. Here it is:

Well after I took down my now cardboard feeling clothes - seriously HOW do people dry their clothes this way? - we talked about having to go out and buy a new dryer. I wasn't really excited about spending several hundred bucks when we didn't know why it wasn't drying. I looked into the lint trap and sure enough I got like two handfuls of dog hair and stuff out from under where the lint collects. It dries now!!!!!! I love saving money and now I don't have to dry clothes on that seriously crappy clothes line!! YAY ME!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally. Zilla PEED IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I was relaxing on the couch reading a book and I heard the sound of Zilla peeing so I turned around expecting to catching him whizzing on the floor. Nope that's not what I found though instead I saw him standing in front of his potty PEEING!!!!!!!! He had just walked up to the potty stood over it and was doing his business. He didn't even get much on the seat - he's got better aim already than most grown men LOL.

I was so excited I scooped him up and started shouting with joy!!! Then we woke up and daddy to tell him and then text everyone we know pretty much with the awesome news!! Oh I could still dance I'm so stinking excited.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stupid Dog Movie

I REALLY shouldn't have watched Marley & Me - it was a BAD BAD idea and I'm totally regretting (and cursing) the movie. Every time I look at Daisy I keep thinking that she's just going to up and die on us. I can't even count how many times I've actually asked her (i do realize that I'm not going to get an answer but that somehow doesn't keep me from asking) if she was going to die on us. I have also instructed her (i know, i know) that if she's feeling like she might die to run away so she doesn't do it here - I don't know that I could handle that. It would be easier to think that she was living a happy life somewhere else but then again now that I think about it if she does run away then now I'll know it was to die. DAMN I just ruined that plan.

Catahoula Leopard Dogs are supposed to have a lifespan of 10-14 years and she's only 8 so I shouldn't be freaking out over this just yet but I am. Stupid freaking movie's fault.

And the Diaper Fun Begins

Well I guess it really is time to step up the potty training for Zilla (well past time in my opinion) as it has now taken a new turn. Today I locked Zilla in his room for nap time but he didn't feel like sleeping so after a couple hours of "quiet time" I went to let him out. What did I find? A messy room for one but I also a naked little boy! At first I couldn't see what he did with his clothes but I soon found his shirt but no diaper - that worried me. After some searching and questions -that got me no where- I figured out that he had slipped his diaper off and then threw it away in the trashcan! So yeah I think he's really ready - I'm just hoping that his poop issues don't hinder the obvious readiness.

Does My Butt Look Big Mom?

This is exactly the question I think that Zilla would have asked yesterday afternoon. DZ and I caught him examing his backside in our closet mirror! He was turning and studying himself very closely LOL. It was so funny that DZ and I just pusted out laughing!

Speaking of butts...something you shouldn't do if you really care about how yours feels is a bunch of lunges and then go running! I did about 20 or so lunges around the house (Zilla was "doing" them with me - too cute) and then the next morning I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. Not. A. Good. Idea. My butt was SOOOOOOO sore - I wanted to cry. I don't mean that it was one of those "good" hurt things I've heard about - no it was a painful 'please don't do that again' hurt. Since I seem to enjoy hurting myself I fully plan to do it again though - gotta get my some buns of steel LMAO.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Happened to Me?

How did I go from someone who didn't really have any shows that I regularly watched to now having a handful that I really like? I used to kinda give my mom a hard time for always having "her shows" and now I have some - thats so odd and unlike me. I have just about fallen in love with NCIS, Royal Pains, and Burn Notice. I'm also planning to order an HBO season from Netflix because someone told me it was awesome - I kinda hope it's not since we don't have HBO and I'm not planning to get it anytime soon. I mean I've always had shows I liked and would watch if I caught them on but all of the above are DVR'd - hmm oh well.
Now this guy from Burn Notice is some hot stuff - don't you think? lol

Colbert Report

OMG Stephan Colbert is SOOOOOO dang funny. I'm watching The Colbert Report right now on Comedy Central and he's doing his show this week from Bahgdad, Irag. I swear he's so funny that I almost peed my pants sitting here! I'm pretty sure that they put the episodes on the website HERE so if you didn't watch it you should! He declares victory, suggests that Obama should deploy troops to GM and gets his head shaved!

Monday, June 8, 2009


My little bro graduated last week and Zilla and I were lucky enough to go see. Well actually I mainly watched the whole thing on the TV screens from the hallway because a certain two year old couldn't be bothered to go sit in the Arena. I did manage to sneak in and see Bran walk across the stage so that's good at least. It didn't take nearly as long as I feared it would because they only had a little over 600 kids walking (my own graduation was close to 1100 - so I was kinda worried). I do have to say that it was pretty much a pleasant experience except that the valedictorian's speech was pretty dang depressing. I'm hoping that he didn't really mean for it to come out that way but he talked about how much he hated himself and that the world meant nothing for almost the whole long speech only swaying it towards something normal in the last minute or so - it kinda made you want to go slice your wrists - not very good. Oh well guess he needed to talk and not much anyone could do but listen. I think school administrators should be allowed to view the speeches ahead of time! Besides that really uncomfortable point it wasn't too bad since our last name is in the beginning. We then went out to lunch and Chili's (yum) and then Zilla spent some time with Grandpa and Holly while I went shopping for some new running shoes. Here are the pics!
Bran with our super Proud Dad!
Bran with his girlfriend Brittney - she's really nice and isn't her skirt just too cute?


Ok nevermind all the looking - Zilla brought it out from his hiding place I guess.

Is there not a spell check in the 'Blogger In Draft' format? Am I just missing it?

I can't find it

My camera that is. Last week Zilla and I took a trip down to Orlando to see my little brother Graduate from High school. We had an excellent time and I am glad that we were able to go and be there for this milestone. Brandon has enlisted in the Army and will be off to Basic training come October so I wanted to be sure that we were there for this because who knows where the Army will send him! I am extremely proud of him and I can't wait to see all of the things he's able to accomplish. I took pictures and I'd love to share them with you but Zilla has lost my camera! He was playing with it and I spent all day yesterday looking for it but to no avail - I will continue to search and when I find it I'll post some pics of the graduation. Ok off to search some more. laters

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun at the In-laws

When we were down at my In-laws house DaddyZilla brought out one of the many tractors and gave Zilla a ride. Zilla did really well and enjoyed himself I think - he didn’t even cover his ears! Here is Zilla on the Farmall:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

My MIL breeds Pomeranians, Pugs and Shiba Inu’s and while we were there she had some baby pugs that had been born not too long ago. Zilla was totally enamored with the “babies” and kept saying he “want to hold one baby in hand” LOL Here is the pic of him holding one of the pug puppies.

Also while we were there Zilla helped Grandma plant her bonsai tree Photobucket