Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very Merry Zilla Christmas!

Here are some pictures of our Very Merry Zilla Christmas!
Our Tree & DZ and Zilla doing stockings!

Zilla playing with his SpongeBob Ukulele & Zilla with his Areo GeoTrak train

Zilla also got a Leapster II (with games), dominoes, some Disney Cars stuff, some clothes and his Mater ornament - he loves ALL of his stuff this year well maybe not the clothes but you get what I mean! It was a great Christmas!

DZ asked for and got his RockBand for the Wii and a digital camera.

I got a nice lovely Zune from Zilla & DZ and then my best friend got me the above and some new glasses. I know it may look like it odd gift but well I'm kinda an odd girl. I ask for stuff I actually need as opposed to stuff I want each year and Billie is almost the only one who listens. Last year she got me a new broom - and I loved it! This year we actually swapped it and she asked (and got) stuff she needed so she opened up on Christmas day: some makeup, rubbermaid food storage containers and an iron. Yep so I guess we're both odd but thats what makes us the best of friends!


John Deere Mom said...

My kids got Leapsters too! They love them! We only got them one game each though...we definitely need more! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Bri said...

I usually ask for things I need too, or movies and such that I know I want to buy myself but want to save myself the money :p

Tiffany said...

JDM ~ Your right those Leapsters are pretty awesome! Zilla on got more than one because we got them from a friend when her son upgraded to the DS! You should look into Gamestops used games I'm pretty sure they sell used leapsters games too and much better priced.

Bri~ Exactly! My family (moreso my mom) just can't ever grasp that I'd rather get dishwasher soap than crap I'm not ever going to use. I mean really I smiled bigger when I opened up my shampoo than I did the zune! lol