Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a Bedroom NOT a Bathroom!

I am thinking I may need to get Zilla checked out - either his eyes or his head. That kid decided yesterday that while in MY BEDROOM he had to go pee but didn't want to go into my bathroom located a mere few feet from him or walking to his bathroom or potty chair. No instead of using those time tested fail proof options he couldn't be bothered with them and he just had to go then and there. Now I know your probably thinking he peed on my floor but nope that's just not Zilla's way so I look over and see my darling son open up my night stand bottom drawer pull up his shirt and pee INSIDE! Yep you heard me he went pee in my nightstand - luckily for the both of us it was empty or else I would have had to hurt him but still. I couldn't even yell because I was rendered speechless and that's a pretty hard thing to do for me. I swear this kid drives me nuts.


Amanda said...

Good grief Tiff....I LOL when I read this...Wyatt is a character for sure..and keeps his momma on his toes

Bri said...

OMG My jaw dropped to the floor when I read that! Do you already have grey hair?!

Tiffany said...

Amanda ~ You just wait until Wyatt is doing that stuff for you! haha

Bri~ I know what you mean. Zilla is surely doing all of this because he's a selfish little turd that doesn't want me to have any more kids! He is his very own form of birth control. haha No gray hair just yet but I'm working on my ulcer and heart attack.