Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PODS have been abducted

I think the people that do the PODS storage things have been abducted or something because there is no way in hades that their price quotes are done by sane people from Earth. I looked them up tonight and it would have cost me almost $1,000 to have one for one month! Um can we say rip off? Thats just crazy!

On a good note I did get most of my wrapping done just a couple things left to wrap up and I'll be good to go. Need to mail some boxes tomorrow too - sorry peeps that crap may be late - oh well it's the thought right? I mean I did think about getting them wrapped and mailed sooner so that counts doesn't it? If not oh well maybe I can play them off as New Year's gifts. I'm so not into the whole holiday thing this year. I wish I could just cancel it altogher.

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