Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

okay folks tomorrow (Sat March 28th) is the scheduled Earth Hour! Ever year there are homes, businesses, famous landmarks and towns that go dark for one hour to conserve energy and show that it is indeed an important cause that deserves awareness. This year the Las Vegas Strip sign will even be turned off for the first time ever! The Golden Arches in Canada will also be participating as well as the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the St Louis Arch and a bunch of US and over seas cities.

We in the Zilla household will be going "dark" for the hour, as we did last year, and I certainly hope that you all can as well! So from 8:30pm to 9:30pm (your local time) please just shut everything off and enjoy the quiet, play a game, take a candle lit bath, read a book, watch the stars or whatever you want but it's only 60 minutes you'll figure something out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My face is numb

I had a dentist appt this morning - YAY I was jumping for joy at sending yet another dentists grand kids to college!! Today was just a couple fillings so that's not too bad or to expensive so I wasn't worried. Well I should have been - turns out that my teeth/face didn't really feel like getting numb today. They numbed up my mouth with their normal dose and let me sit for a while - my earlobe was numb but apparently my teeth said suck it! He started in with his drill and BAM that hurt so he put in some more (Can someone tell me why the heck are those needles SO big? Seriously they can't possible stick them in all that far so why do they need to be like 2 feet long? To scare us?) in that tooth and started on my other tooth - well that tooth decided to hurt out of solidarity with it's tooth brother (sister? probably a girl since it was being wussy LOL) and BAM. That dentist had to give me a CRAP LOAD of numbing stuff! I mean seriously people my earlobe and friggin eye lid were numb for hours! The appt was at 10am and it's now 5pm and my cheek and lip are still numb!!!

I can tell you that you don't ever want your eyelid to go numb - that's a very weird feeling! They were very nice about it and apologized several times for having to use that much - not that i would have had them use one less drop I mean I sure don't want to feel it! Yuck I just hate eating and drinking with a numb face - its just so awkward feeling.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What we've been up to

Here are some pictures of whats been going on around here the last week or so.
Here is my very own Linus - he drug MY blanket from my bedroom outside and was "helping" it down the slide - I mean DUH anyone could tell that the blanket was just dying to have a little fun! LOL

Photobucket He loves him some coffee - your not the only one Adam! - he tells me "mommy coffee good, it's yummy" - he sneaks off with cups and has now gotten to where he will just ask me for a sip when I'm drinking mine! Thank goodness DZ is tall so that the coffee won't hurt him to badly in the height department!

Those are Zilla helping out DZ with his bike. DZ got some forward controls (I think that means it makes the foot controls in a position that's easier for his longer legs) for his Harley and Zilla wanted to 'help' him. Zilla was picking up wrenches and other tools and actually trying to help! It was soo darn cute!

Photobucket Zilla in his pool. Does that look 7' long to you? It says it should be over 7' long on the box but I'm thinking that they must be measuring with a broken yardstick or something. It also has slowly deflated both times we used it - that thing takes FOREVER to blow back up! The first time I blew it up myself with no pump - i won't be doing that again and boy was I pissed(and dizzy) when it deflated! He had a blast though and likes to go "wimmin" in the pool!

This is a grape we got in the last bag we bought - looks kinda like a pumpkin to me! LOL It was just weird and I thought I'd share - since I'm nice like that!

PS. Go Visit C. Beth to win an awesome Handmade Kids Blanket! Tell her I sent you in the comment and we can BOTH win one!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Freaking Birthday to me!

Thought I'd add a few pics of me I found while looking around in my pictures.
They day I came home!
My 1st B-day party! Look at all that non-hair! Gosh it took me forever to get hair - My mom actually had to put a cotton ball in that barrette (and make me cry) in order to get it to stay!
I was probably around 18 months or so in this since I do have a little hair. Already starting my chatting - I've always been a talker LOL!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Amazon Deal!

I don't normally yak about deals or anything on here (mainly cause I usually miss out on them but thats neither here nor there) but I just saw this on Amazon. Those are some great deals on DVD's including: Thomas, Barney, Fraggle Rock, Bob the Builder and Pingu!! Zilla loves him some Thomas and if we hadn't cleaned up on a similar deal before Christmas we would be stocking up now - some of them even come with one or two trains!! With the Free super saving shipping it can't be beat! Happy shopping!

Picture Extravaganza

Sorry I've been MIA ~ I know that I've been neglecting the blog (and hence you all) and I'm sorry. This past week has just been rough and then after DZ came home he got sick with some tummy bug and here we are. Anyway I will do my best to come and grace the internet with my presence more often! LOL

Here are some pictures and whatnot from our trip to Orlando:
Here are some pics of Zilla at the Wing Fest we went to, him feeding the ducks at Grandpas house and him running around in my Mawmaws yard

Here we have Zilla playing hide and seek with Nanna in the front yard - they ran around my SUV for a long time trying to catch each other!, he found a beach right in the middle of Orlando to LOL, and his lovely dirt facial hair!

Here are some other pics as well:
Photobucket Zilla fell in love with this creepy thing! Nanna has always enjoyed collecting what I would call odd things and this creepy french maid that held a serving tray was certainly one of them. Well Zilla saw her in the yard sale pile (YAY!!) and kept kissing her!
Photobucket At the wing fest thing there were all kinds of booths set up with companies giving away stuff - well Gieco was giving away fans and Zilla just fell in love with his gecko fan!
Photobucket We won't be attempting to use the pack n play any longer on trips because as you can see Zilla can get out of it! He decided to climb out and instead of getting yelled at for coming into the living room he drug the pillow into the hallway and just went to sleep right there! He was soooo cute laying there!

Those were pretty much all the pics from our trip. Hope you enjoyed them!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who knew McDonalds could be so fun?

Tonight I decided to go to McDonald's with a friend and her teenagers for dinner. Our podunk McD's doesn't have a play area and Zilla was kinda wound up so I figured he'd be a turd. Boy was I wrong! He found himself a friend (a little boy almost his age) to run around with! They run up and down the little site we were on playing tag and hide & go seek! The little boy was also bumping tummies with Zilla - they were playing so darn cute with each other! Zilla kept saying "1,2,3 Ready Set Go!!" and then they would run LOL!

The only dark spot on the experience was that I learned that the little boy (who is a few months younger than Zilla) is doing "pretty" good on the potty training. Grrr why can't Zilla even be interested? He hasn't even attempted it once let alone enough to call it "good" Blah. I'm not rushing him (which is good cause he could care less) but it would be super great if he'd get with it already! I'm considering talking to DZ about maybe putting him in a preschool thing on post for a couple half days a week. I will have to look at the cost but I think he would really enjoy the interaction and maybe seeing the other kids going potty will help peer pressure him into at least trying it LOL!!

We are HOME!!!!

Yeah I'm so glad to be home! Don't get me wrong I totally enjoy seeing my family and Zilla super enjoys time with his grandparents and other relatives but traveling is such a PITA. We now have a 6 1/2 hour drive whereas before it was about 4 - amazing what that extra 2 1/2 hours does to a trip! Zilla was pretty good going down and coming back up so that was helpful even though I did have to change his DVD about 5 times coming back cause he kept wanting to watch different things! It's not exactly easy to pick out a new dvd, change it and make it play all while driving but he didn't seem to factor that into his desires! The trip felt much shorter coming back because I listened to a book on tape that my Aunt gave me - I TOTALLY recommend listening to a book for a long drive it made the time fly by! It also helped coming back because I took a different route that only took me on a couple roads through bigger towns as opposed to going down there it took me on about 12 different roads and through about a million teeny tiny towns! Still stumps me though how I got better cell reception on the way down then the way back..hmm.

I went down to see family because I haven't seen them since well before Christmas but I also went to help my mom out. She is sorta a pack rat (this is a known fact Nanna so don't get mad) and I wanted to help her sort through some things while I was there. I did manage to rearrange her closet, went through an enormous amount of books, tapes and DVDs, and load my car down with WAY TO MUCH STUFF for me to take home! I swear every time we leave Orlando my SUV is packed with all kinds of cool stuff that Nanna has picked up for Zilla, myself and DZ! I called an end to that she is now on a buying strike for the boy - he has just too much stuff! So now that I'm home I have to go through our current stuff and get rid of things to accommodate our new stuff! I'm so anti-collector it's not even funny I don't like to have kick knacks and things just sitting around. Not that you could tell that right this minute by what my living room looks like - lucky for me you all can't see it LOL!!

We had an excellent time hanging around with everyone for the week. Zilla totally dug running around in my Mawmaw's back yard and I got to see my cousins little boy - he is such a chunk of cuteness it's not even funny! Zilla also had fun trying to destroy all of Nanna's breakables - she likes to collect breakable non kid friendly stuff so we always have to watch Zilla closely! We also went to a "Wing Fest" sponsored by a radio station and had tons of fun there! They had a band, booths giving stuff out and a bounce house/fun area for the kids as well as a train that would take the kids for rides. Zilla loved the train ride (totally not free and not long enough for the price) and was not to happy when we had to get off! I will post some pictures later on today after I've uploaded them. Overall we had an excellent time!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Snowed!!!

This morning in Southern Alabama we had snow!!! Well flurries anyway - but that's as close to snow as they've had in forever so yeah!! When I was loading up the car this morning I saw all this stuff coming down but wasn't sure it was snow since I didn't see it melt and because I'm a Floridian I had no clue that there was a difference in flurries and regular snow. Anyway it actually looked like a scene from that movie Volcano with Anne Heche where there is all kinds of ash coming down cause of the volcano. Okay that's all I just wanted to share that it snowed - sort of.