Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What we've been up to

Here are some pictures of whats been going on around here the last week or so.
Here is my very own Linus - he drug MY blanket from my bedroom outside and was "helping" it down the slide - I mean DUH anyone could tell that the blanket was just dying to have a little fun! LOL

Photobucket He loves him some coffee - your not the only one Adam! - he tells me "mommy coffee good, it's yummy" - he sneaks off with cups and has now gotten to where he will just ask me for a sip when I'm drinking mine! Thank goodness DZ is tall so that the coffee won't hurt him to badly in the height department!

Those are Zilla helping out DZ with his bike. DZ got some forward controls (I think that means it makes the foot controls in a position that's easier for his longer legs) for his Harley and Zilla wanted to 'help' him. Zilla was picking up wrenches and other tools and actually trying to help! It was soo darn cute!

Photobucket Zilla in his pool. Does that look 7' long to you? It says it should be over 7' long on the box but I'm thinking that they must be measuring with a broken yardstick or something. It also has slowly deflated both times we used it - that thing takes FOREVER to blow back up! The first time I blew it up myself with no pump - i won't be doing that again and boy was I pissed(and dizzy) when it deflated! He had a blast though and likes to go "wimmin" in the pool!

This is a grape we got in the last bag we bought - looks kinda like a pumpkin to me! LOL It was just weird and I thought I'd share - since I'm nice like that!

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Anonymous said...

I simply love the pics of Zilla helping DaddyZilla!!!

Nanna ;)

Bri said...

I had to LOL at him being like Adam with the coffee. My kids love them some coffee! And about the pool... did it mean 7ft around?

Tiffany said...

Nanna: I know I just thought it was so cute cause he just went up and wanted to help all by himself.

Bri: I know Zilla is totally playing catch up with your kids! lol I don't know what they meant by 7' - it showed 3 kids all apprearing to be like 4 or 5 years old in the pool too. That thing couldn't hold 3 of Zilla let alone some 5 yr olds! Lairs thats what they are!

Katie said...

That looks like an OctoMom grape!!

Tiffany said...

Katie - I'll have you know I'm sending you a dry cleaning bill cause I spit out my drink when I read that! LOL
Just kidding we both know I'm way to cheap to buy things that require dry cleaning! BUT I did spit out my drink a little!