Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who knew McDonalds could be so fun?

Tonight I decided to go to McDonald's with a friend and her teenagers for dinner. Our podunk McD's doesn't have a play area and Zilla was kinda wound up so I figured he'd be a turd. Boy was I wrong! He found himself a friend (a little boy almost his age) to run around with! They run up and down the little site we were on playing tag and hide & go seek! The little boy was also bumping tummies with Zilla - they were playing so darn cute with each other! Zilla kept saying "1,2,3 Ready Set Go!!" and then they would run LOL!

The only dark spot on the experience was that I learned that the little boy (who is a few months younger than Zilla) is doing "pretty" good on the potty training. Grrr why can't Zilla even be interested? He hasn't even attempted it once let alone enough to call it "good" Blah. I'm not rushing him (which is good cause he could care less) but it would be super great if he'd get with it already! I'm considering talking to DZ about maybe putting him in a preschool thing on post for a couple half days a week. I will have to look at the cost but I think he would really enjoy the interaction and maybe seeing the other kids going potty will help peer pressure him into at least trying it LOL!!


Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Don't worry about the potty training thing yet! Neither of my kids are and I even tried for 3 straight days! He will do it when he is ready.

Bri said...

He will eventually get it... I promise he won't still be in diapers when he goes to Kindergarten (mostly because it's not allowed LoL). I wish Sara would potty train too, she will sit on the potty and say she wants to sit on the potty but she will not go on it. She is my baby though... she might still be in diapers when she gets to Kindergarten :p

Tiffany said...

Kelly - thanks and I know it will happen sooner or later but as I've said before I'm not much of a 'waiting til later' kinda person! I'm working on it but it's a HUGE character flaw to fix LOL.

Bri- I hope it won't take til Kindy - he's so big he'd have to wear depends by then LMAO!!!