Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My face is numb

I had a dentist appt this morning - YAY I was jumping for joy at sending yet another dentists grand kids to college!! Today was just a couple fillings so that's not too bad or to expensive so I wasn't worried. Well I should have been - turns out that my teeth/face didn't really feel like getting numb today. They numbed up my mouth with their normal dose and let me sit for a while - my earlobe was numb but apparently my teeth said suck it! He started in with his drill and BAM that hurt so he put in some more (Can someone tell me why the heck are those needles SO big? Seriously they can't possible stick them in all that far so why do they need to be like 2 feet long? To scare us?) in that tooth and started on my other tooth - well that tooth decided to hurt out of solidarity with it's tooth brother (sister? probably a girl since it was being wussy LOL) and BAM. That dentist had to give me a CRAP LOAD of numbing stuff! I mean seriously people my earlobe and friggin eye lid were numb for hours! The appt was at 10am and it's now 5pm and my cheek and lip are still numb!!!

I can tell you that you don't ever want your eyelid to go numb - that's a very weird feeling! They were very nice about it and apologized several times for having to use that much - not that i would have had them use one less drop I mean I sure don't want to feel it! Yuck I just hate eating and drinking with a numb face - its just so awkward feeling.

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