Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are HOME!!!!

Yeah I'm so glad to be home! Don't get me wrong I totally enjoy seeing my family and Zilla super enjoys time with his grandparents and other relatives but traveling is such a PITA. We now have a 6 1/2 hour drive whereas before it was about 4 - amazing what that extra 2 1/2 hours does to a trip! Zilla was pretty good going down and coming back up so that was helpful even though I did have to change his DVD about 5 times coming back cause he kept wanting to watch different things! It's not exactly easy to pick out a new dvd, change it and make it play all while driving but he didn't seem to factor that into his desires! The trip felt much shorter coming back because I listened to a book on tape that my Aunt gave me - I TOTALLY recommend listening to a book for a long drive it made the time fly by! It also helped coming back because I took a different route that only took me on a couple roads through bigger towns as opposed to going down there it took me on about 12 different roads and through about a million teeny tiny towns! Still stumps me though how I got better cell reception on the way down then the way back..hmm.

I went down to see family because I haven't seen them since well before Christmas but I also went to help my mom out. She is sorta a pack rat (this is a known fact Nanna so don't get mad) and I wanted to help her sort through some things while I was there. I did manage to rearrange her closet, went through an enormous amount of books, tapes and DVDs, and load my car down with WAY TO MUCH STUFF for me to take home! I swear every time we leave Orlando my SUV is packed with all kinds of cool stuff that Nanna has picked up for Zilla, myself and DZ! I called an end to that she is now on a buying strike for the boy - he has just too much stuff! So now that I'm home I have to go through our current stuff and get rid of things to accommodate our new stuff! I'm so anti-collector it's not even funny I don't like to have kick knacks and things just sitting around. Not that you could tell that right this minute by what my living room looks like - lucky for me you all can't see it LOL!!

We had an excellent time hanging around with everyone for the week. Zilla totally dug running around in my Mawmaw's back yard and I got to see my cousins little boy - he is such a chunk of cuteness it's not even funny! Zilla also had fun trying to destroy all of Nanna's breakables - she likes to collect breakable non kid friendly stuff so we always have to watch Zilla closely! We also went to a "Wing Fest" sponsored by a radio station and had tons of fun there! They had a band, booths giving stuff out and a bounce house/fun area for the kids as well as a train that would take the kids for rides. Zilla loved the train ride (totally not free and not long enough for the price) and was not to happy when we had to get off! I will post some pictures later on today after I've uploaded them. Overall we had an excellent time!!

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