Thursday, March 19, 2009

Picture Extravaganza

Sorry I've been MIA ~ I know that I've been neglecting the blog (and hence you all) and I'm sorry. This past week has just been rough and then after DZ came home he got sick with some tummy bug and here we are. Anyway I will do my best to come and grace the internet with my presence more often! LOL

Here are some pictures and whatnot from our trip to Orlando:
Here are some pics of Zilla at the Wing Fest we went to, him feeding the ducks at Grandpas house and him running around in my Mawmaws yard

Here we have Zilla playing hide and seek with Nanna in the front yard - they ran around my SUV for a long time trying to catch each other!, he found a beach right in the middle of Orlando to LOL, and his lovely dirt facial hair!

Here are some other pics as well:
Photobucket Zilla fell in love with this creepy thing! Nanna has always enjoyed collecting what I would call odd things and this creepy french maid that held a serving tray was certainly one of them. Well Zilla saw her in the yard sale pile (YAY!!) and kept kissing her!
Photobucket At the wing fest thing there were all kinds of booths set up with companies giving away stuff - well Gieco was giving away fans and Zilla just fell in love with his gecko fan!
Photobucket We won't be attempting to use the pack n play any longer on trips because as you can see Zilla can get out of it! He decided to climb out and instead of getting yelled at for coming into the living room he drug the pillow into the hallway and just went to sleep right there! He was soooo cute laying there!

Those were pretty much all the pics from our trip. Hope you enjoyed them!


Penz said...

Looks like it was a good family trip. Those moments are treasurable for sure.

Tiffany said...

Yeah we did have a good time. I don't ever really think of them as vacations since I'm usually running around like a headless chicken trying to visit everyone and do a million things. We are gonna do a real vacation this summer though - I'm super excited about it!

Penz you are right about the memories - thats why I'm so glad I have this blog so that I won't forget stuff since i'm horrible about scrapbooks and stuff!