Friday, July 10, 2009

Who needs sleep? Um, Me thats who

Last night I got zero sleep and I'm seriously paying for it now. There was however a reason why I choose to keep my lids open. Yesterday evening DZ, Zilla and I met a couple of old friends at a park here on post to let the kids all play together while we all chatted. Well Zilla was sitting on his knees on one of the concrete benches coloring with chalk when all of the sudden he lost his balance and fell backwards. He fell off the back of the bench and landed about 2 feet below on concrete. He hit his head pretty hard and as you can imagine I was worried out of my mind. We didn't let him go to bed and we also checked his pupils and his grip reflex not to mention that he was acting normal so we were pretty sure that all was well but...well my mom brain just couldn't actually even consider going to bed. So I checked on him throughout the night to make sure that he was breathing and that the knot on the back of his noggin wasn't getting to large or anything. He's currently sporting an awesome sized goose egg but otherwise seems to be doing well. Today would be the day that DZ has to work a day shift so no nap for me. What we do for our kids. I have to say thought that seeing him fall was some seriously scarey stuff and I don't really think that my heart actually needed that jolt. He didn't go to bed until almost 11pm and that turd stil got up before 7!

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