Monday, July 20, 2009

Why you shouldn't drink and Text

Okay recently a friend (she said I could say who but I won't) told me about a nice night out drinking with her friends and I just couldn't help but use this as an example of why people shouldn't be anywhere near their cell phones when drinking. Okay heres the back story: She works for a company and met this guy at an out of towm work conference. They live on opposite coasts but over the moths have become quite close -just friends up until this point even though they do talk everyday- and she recently decided that she wouldn't mind going a little beyond friends with him. So....she decided that she should tell him, via drunk txt, that she likes him. Here are the texts: (her comments -to me- are in RED )
Me: Hi are you?
Boy: hey hun! getting ready for my flight later...drinking time! aowwww!
Me: I need to woo you do you have time? (classic)
Boy: plenty of time...2 drinks done
Me: Well...
Me: Apparently I suck! (have no idea why i said that but i probably do)
Boy: you don't suck! pleassssse! you rock
Me: So when are we going to see each other again?
Boy: lpl baby! (my work conference in ca)
Me: See you then :)
Boy: oh hell yeah! you and me...magic
Me: Ha ha ha...I miss your sexy ass!!! (LOL...i can't believe i agreed to you posting this)
Boy: oh the things i'd do to you...
Me: yeah yeah...tell me all about it!? (i make no sense)
Boy: when i first see you...i won't say a word...i'll wrap my arms around you and kiss you for a LONG time
Me: that would be so better not be teasing me :)
Boy: waaayyy into the truth serum...then we'd walk to my car....and why not...we'd make love
Me: Really??? I'd hope for that but your sceptical?!?! (not sure why i said he was sceptical)
Boy: who says i'm sceptical? sure things are just know :)...btw..the plane is going to take off in 10 min...will be off line for 2 hours
Me: here i go...i really like you! i like your personality and I like you...Hopefully talk to you soon...blah blah (LMAO - one of my friends should have stopped me before this one)
Boy: don't worry i like you more :) a lot i go..i think about you a lot...and include you in my plans :)
Me: no worries...looking forward to seeing you soon :) (WTF am I talking about?)
Me: I was hoping we could camp (still don't know WTF i was texting.)

I have to say that my FAV part is the 'wooing' comment - it's just sooooooo dang funny that 1)someone would say this in 2009 2)a GIRL would say this at all and 3) that if said person would say this it would be via texting because the whole concept of wooing someone should not even come near any kind of modern day tecnology LOL I her but this stuff seriously made me almost shoot coffee threw my nose when she told me on the phone. Also funny is that when she e-mailed them to me she listed him as 'boy' - they are 30 lol. Ok I'm still cracking up over this. I gotta go before I pee my pants reading it.


Melissa said...

This still cracks me up!!!! LOL!

Cherie said...

That really is super funny and it'll probably get her into trouble - hee hee.

Friends shouldn't let friends text drunk!

Tiffany said...

Melissa - i know I still feel like pissing my pants when I read it LOL

Cherie~ Actually it didn't get her in trouble (at least not with him) I'm not sure why but I guess he just went along with it lol.