Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FanFic addiction? DZ would say yes!

Okay I've been keeping myself busy with the FanFiction for a while and since I know I promised to give up some links to some good ones here goes! These are in random order and like I've said before some are seriously mild and then some most  okay all are rated M for mature so keep the kids away.

Stay Edward is an actor who falls in love with Bella his nieghbor in the small town that he goes to escape his fame. It's a cute story and there is some sex but its mostly rated M because of the language. No vampires - sorry! I liked this one it was really cute.

Tattoo Bella is a girl who doesn't believe in love but maybe Edward can change that. Lots of cursing and some sexual scenes. Rated M No vampires. This was good and there were parts where I just couldn't stop laughing!

Tattoo Two'd This is the continuation of Tattoo. Also very funny and had me totally cracking up! Still Rated M.

For the Love of Bella Alrighty this one does NOT have Edward in it instead Bella is best friends and roomates with Emmett and Jasper. Bella and Jasper figure out they have feelings for each other. Rated M for mature due to language, sexual scenes and violence. Really nice story even if Edward isn't in it. No Vamps - sorry!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun This one is Bella Rose and Alice are taking a Disney Cruise/Vacation to celebrate graduation and they happen to meet three handsome doctors on board and fall head over heels for them. Throw in a sister and some crazy "special brownies" and this story will have you bending over laughing! Some parts are just silly but then again with all that Disney you have to expect to roll your eyes a little. Again no vamps!

Shadows Bella found herself falling victim to a rapist/murderer when Detective Edward interupted the crime. They both immediately feel a connection but can he keep her safe when the killer begins stalking her? This one can get pretty intense and is quite graphic so if you can't handle reading about rape/tourture/murder then steer clear. No Vamps and obviously rated M.

I've got some more in my favs but I'll save them for later! I just love these stories - some of the people that write them do an amazing job! I've read a TON of fluff too but it's nice to have something to keep me busy! Let me know what you all think! If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments!


Anna said...

woo hooo thanks for the links time to start reading! LOL

Tiffany said...

Anna - No problem at all in fact I'm gonna post a few more soon too cause they were REALLY funny. Let me know what you think of them and if you have anymore to suggest to me!