Monday, August 24, 2009

I'll Never Talk to My Mom Again

Well thats how it will be if Zilla has anything to do with it. He has been obsessivly talking to Nanna on the phone for a couple days. In the (recent) past when asked to talk to someone on the phone he had a VERY short attention span and would easily get distracted and run off. That was the past though because for the last couple days I called Nanna and asked if he wanted to talk and that little monster ran off with the phone and wouldn't let me talk to my mom at all. The first night he talked to her for 45 minutes! Thats like a year for a toddler! Then last night he got out the step stool, drug it to the phone and brought the cordless phone and said "me call mena" - for some unknown reason he calls Nanna mena. I've had to literally take the phone away from him!

** on a side note I wanted to let anyone who was wondering that the dermatologists called and my spots that I had cut off came back just fine. I'm happy to say the least.

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