Thursday, August 13, 2009

I got Cut

Yesterday I went to my very first dermatologist appointment to have a couple places looked at. I've got some serious family history in regards to skin cancer so when I noticed that one of my freckles had changed I set up an appointment. The awesomemess that is my insurance {insert serious eye rolling} decided to refer me to a place about 40 miles away but when I called they told me that they "moved" and gave me a new address. When I googled the address that the lady gave me it was not 40 miles away but rather over 100!! Yep I had to drive 2 freaking hours to go this place. Luckily for me my follow up appointments can be done at the closer office.

Anyway once I got back there they cut off one mole just cause it irritated me and then the not good looking freakle so that it can be sent to the lab. Wow the one on my back HURT like seriously last night I had to take a Tylenol with Codine in order to not cry! So now I just have to let them heal and wait for the results on the freaky changing freckle. Hopefully it's nothing cause I'd hate to think how much it would hurt if they needed to take more off! It was in interesting experience and it really helped me remember why we should all wear sunscreen!


Anna said...

Good job getting it taken care of. Hope the results come out fine.
I have a nasty one on my back that needs to be looked at, but I'm procrastinating.

Cherie said...

I have kids with lots of moles and have had to watch them get "sliced" off. It does look painful.
I feel for ya but I am sure you are glad it is taken care of!!

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Yikes!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I had that done a few months ago myself and everything was normal.

Tiffany said...

Anna ~ Thanks and you should have them looked at. My family has some crazy amounts of skin cancer in it on my dads side so I know that it can be serious if not taken care of. The appt literally only took like 17 minutes!

Cherie ~ Yep it is certainly as painful as it looks lol. Whats funny is that the one I thought would be the most painful (because of where it was located) didn't hurt nearly as much as my back!

Kelly ~ I'm glad that yours came back normal. It's kinda scarey until you hear back.