Saturday, October 31, 2009

I know excuses are like a-holes

Well I certainly have one for not blogging in forever. Um here it is.... life actually! I was wrapped up in school which sucked by the way and then home has been crazy. Hey I didn't say they were good excuses!
On a much less pleasant note my Grandpa, who has been dealing with cancer for a while now, is not doing so well at the moment. Hospice is involved and he's currently in the hospital because he had a mini-stroke and his blood pressure was crazy high. So needless to say it's pretty much a waiting game at this point and even typing that has me crying. The last time I saw him he looked so much different and hardly looked like my grandpa anymore. He is in so much pain right now and that’s just so wrong I mean after raising my dad and his siblings he doesn't deserve any more pain - sorry guys but you know what I mean! lol

On a crazier better note I may be getting married again. Wait DZ I can't explain! I was supposed to be being a good friend and watching my best friend’s kiddos aka my "other kids" children today for her because she had an early meeting at work. Well I set my alarm like a good girl and I'm not sure if the blasted thing is broke from non-use or my child just turned down the volume but either way I totally didn't wake up when I should have. Well she went ahead and left so she wouldn't be late and her older son (don't call CPS he's old enough to be here for the 8 minutes alone) let me in. Well because she is the BEST she text me that there was coffee for me -um she doesn't drink coffee- so I did the only thing I could do- I text her back that I love her and asked her to marry me - duh. Then I thought about it and had to text her back that I hated my alarm clock because I would have rather proposed properly I mean doing it via text is not really romantic. right? Anyway she hasn't said yes (actually she text back that I was crazy - wonder who clued her in) but I can be pretty persuasive when I want to be. LMAO

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