Monday, June 15, 2009

I just saved us some Money!

Yesterday I came to the realization that our dryer was not actually drying anything, it was getting hot but the clothes weren't dry. I didn't notice this until I had one load in the washer and then the one I was trying to dry. Not wanting to hang clothes up outside (not that we have a line out there or anything) DZ and I rigged up a line inside the laundry room to hang up the clothes. Here it is:

Well after I took down my now cardboard feeling clothes - seriously HOW do people dry their clothes this way? - we talked about having to go out and buy a new dryer. I wasn't really excited about spending several hundred bucks when we didn't know why it wasn't drying. I looked into the lint trap and sure enough I got like two handfuls of dog hair and stuff out from under where the lint collects. It dries now!!!!!! I love saving money and now I don't have to dry clothes on that seriously crappy clothes line!! YAY ME!!!

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John Deere Mom said...

LOL. Glad you figured it out before buying a new dryer!!