Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun at the Splash Park

I took Zilla to the Splash Park that just opened up here on base and he had a BLAST!! He loved running through the water and playing with the other kids! He ran around with his friend Lucian playing dinosour or monster or something that involved growling and running I'm not 100% sure LOL. They have four big rings that are lined up to form a circle and although Zilla was intially scared of them he soon found that he loved to "run in the rain" - thats what he called them haha- and kept that up for a LONG time. The splash park is gated off from the big pool -that has a awesome looking slide- and Zilla was totally disgruntled that I wouldn't take him to the pool we had a good time. I am going to request that they consider a kiddie pool though cause I just can't take him to a big pool by myself. Oh well DZ promised that we would all go together soon and he can fight with Zilla in the pool. Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

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Bri said...

Why can't you take him to a big pool by yourself? If I only had one I'd be all for it LoL