Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the Diaper Fun Begins

Well I guess it really is time to step up the potty training for Zilla (well past time in my opinion) as it has now taken a new turn. Today I locked Zilla in his room for nap time but he didn't feel like sleeping so after a couple hours of "quiet time" I went to let him out. What did I find? A messy room for one but I also a naked little boy! At first I couldn't see what he did with his clothes but I soon found his shirt but no diaper - that worried me. After some searching and questions -that got me no where- I figured out that he had slipped his diaper off and then threw it away in the trashcan! So yeah I think he's really ready - I'm just hoping that his poop issues don't hinder the obvious readiness.

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