Thursday, September 10, 2009

Search Engines are SO odd

I was doing an image search for an idea I had for Zilla's halloween costume and I came up with some odd results. I searched for a pic of a favorite 80's toy (nope not gonna tell you which one before hand - I want you all to see it once I get it together!) that was totally innocent so that I could figure out what I need for the costume. Well on the FIRST page of the results for this toy I saw a nice image of a women/girl dressed in a red raggedy ann type wig painting with a paint brush nipples onto a blow up "friend" which was also wearing a raggedy ann wig.

Who on God's green earth decides the order in which these things come up in a search. I mean I know there wasn't any technically adult content but it was just wierd. Thought I'd share with you all!!

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