Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Boys Bad Boys

Very early this morning DaddyZilla and myself were woken out of our peaceful slumber to the lovely sounds of domestic violence coming from next door. Our neighbors in all of their redneck glory decided to get drunk and scream at each other in their driveway at 2:30am. DZ and I became alarmed because well they were being awfully loud and it didn't sound like a "small" fight not to mention that she is pregnant and he was throwing things around in their garage so we did the smart thing and called the popo on them. We may live in Podunk but they don't play here when it comes to that stuff so within a few minutes two police cars showed up and in true cops fashion both of our neighbors went running towards the car trying to tell the cops their version of the 'truth' first (he was shirtless and she's pregnant so it really looked like a cops episode). I'm not really sure if anyone got 'taken in' because the cops were there forever and I eventually went back to sleep but it sure was entertaining.

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