Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Reads Time!!

Alrighty here are my Sunday Reads for you all. I finished these a while back but I really enjoyed them and they are all finished!! They are of course rated M for mature readers only becasue well why else would I be reading them? lol Enjoy!!
Love Among The Stacks And you thought libraries were just for studying...Bella, resident cool girl librarian, meets a dazzling law student, Edward while working at the university library. Will she help him find what he needs, what he wants? This story was really cute but I really think they could have drawn it out a little longer the ending seems kind of abrupt because there was so much potential for more. I love sarcastic Bella and who wouldn't want Edward spending coupious amounts of time at your work just to see you?
Dance With Me Edward Cullen is a well known author who takes a job at Bella Swan's bar to do research for his novel. As circumstance pushes them together they fall quickly in love, but will Bella's past be too much for Edward to handle or will Edward continue to surprise her. Life is never easy, but if you're willing to step out on the floor, it is always worth the dance. This story was really cute but it did certainly have some angst thrown in there. There is a sequel but I just didn't get into it but this one is pretty good. The idea of Edward behind a bar in a tight t-shirt tending bar is pretty good!
Music Notes Edward Cullen is Forks High Schools most eligible bachelor; Bella Swan is the talented new girl. In her music, Edward finds the piece of himself that he never knew he was missing. This story was just too sweet and I really enjoyed it.

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