Thursday, February 4, 2010

Makes Me Want to Throw Up

Very recently DZ came home and told me about a fellow soldier (pains me to even call him that) here on our post that was arrested and is being charged with 36 separate counts of child pornography of himself and an 8 and 10 year (reportedly they were his own children) on multiple occasions. The police are reporting that the images are the worst the detectives working the case have ever seen in their careers. What makes me super extra pissed is that our local new station had the dudes mom on for an interview and she proceeded to say and I quote "I don't know how many thing he had to carry on his back before he broke.” and I can totally understand that she's stressed but...seriously lady? What on God's green Earth would make it ok to molest little children because you are carrying around stress? Hmm yeah I can't think of any either. I know he's her son but I have to say that at some point you have to let that fact go and actually see what your kid is doing to harm others. It's not like these are 'allegations' he was turned in by his own girlfriend when she saw the pictures on his laptop and he is in the pics um yeah pretty sure that just screams guilty and even if it was my own kid I'd be bringing up the front in the "take him to jail" parade because no kid deserves that - no matter what. This sicko should rot in Hell for what he's done and I certainly hope that once he's in jail someone or multiple someones make sure he gets whats coming to him for doing that to kids. His actions have such far reaching ramifications in those two kid's lives it's not even funny I just Pray that they both are able to get help and get past this.

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