Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hurts Like a MoFo

Yeah okay it's been what like a week since I started this lip stuff and I have to say that it hurts like a big bad word. I was going to post a picture but well I'm lazy & in pain and don't feel like taking 15 pictures of my face to get one that works - maybe I'll try another day. Almost my entire bottom lip is one big fat blister and the part of my top lip that touches when I close my mouth is also blistered and I can't even talk about the corners without using a string of explicatives to describe how they feel. I'm pretty close to only being able to eat liquid food through a straw because it hurts to close and open my mouth let alone having any food actually touch it - shoot it hurts when air passes over it while I'm breathing. I still have another week and I am just SO excited (imagine with TONS of sarcasim here) to see how it looks and feels at that point.

Oh and cause it's just not enough to have a mouth that I don't want to take into public I am also coming down with a nice head cold - so pretty much everything above my shoulders hurts like heck right now.

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