Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Reads

Wow it's Sunday again I guess time flies when your having fun! Here are some new stories to keep you busy this week! Oh and they will ALL be complete because I've gotten where I can't stand to not know the endings -I wouldn't do that to you all!!

She's Royal The Cullens are in Hawaii on holiday, but only Alice knows the reason why they are there-she's had a premonition that Edward would finally meet his true love. But when their meeting is ruined by unforeseen circumstances, will Alice set things right again? This story was pretty cute and who doesn't love to read about a holiday getaway where you find someone who could change your life. I liked it although I wasn't 100% in love with the authors formatting but I got over it and enjoyed the story anyway.

The Shadow and the Womenizer Bella has been hurt and is hiding a secret. Edward and his vampire family have theirs of course. Can the Cullens help Bella come out of her shell and can Bella help Edward change his ways? This story was very interesting and I liked it quite a bit. Things are a little different as in the Vampires don't sparkle, they all live in California, and the Cullens aren't left alone they are quite social and make an effort to befriend Bella. It does contain some dark themes so if you only like things light and fluffy this isn't for you.

A Warm December Bella Swan heads off to college in Seattle, with her high school boyfriend, Mike Newton, in tow. Will Bella be able to resist the temptation that grows from her surprising friendship with Edward Cullen? This story cracked me up and I just love what she did with the characters. You'll enjoy it between all of the fights, drinking and smut! Enjoy

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