Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday

I've got two today:

My son said 'croissant' correctly today!!

Zilla was "feeding" me some of his play food this morning and I was going over the names of each food and he actually said croissant correctly. I for one was pretty impressed because I know plenty of adults that can pronounce it properly. Just thought I'd share my kids brilliance!


Egg Beaters Don't Fill Me Up

Can I ask WHY don't a crapton of egg beaters make me feel full the same way regular eggs do? I mean seriously I could eat a whole container of egg beaters (not that I do eat that much I'm just sayin) and still feel hungry later but it's not the same with say two little old eggs. I think it's a rip off cause egg beaters are way more expensive than regular eggs and you don't even get to stay full. It's crap I tell you.


Seansmoma said...

Congratulations to your son! That's a big word for a little guy!

Happy 6WS!

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Your tummy must know it's adulterated food, and refuse to release the proper impulses to your brain to register as "satisfied" ;)

Tiffany said...

Seansmoma ~ Yeah I know I thought it was pretty big too. I was particularly interested considering he still calls his Nanna 'mena' and doesn't say banana correctly. hmm guess he is just picky on what he says right LOL.

Jenn~ Yeah I think your right! I'm sure it has to do with the fact that I'm eating it because it's lower in calories than eating regular eggs and I'm sure my body would like to keep it's fat so maybe it's just fighting back! haha

Becca said...

I haven't noticed a difference between egg beaters and real eggs hmmm

marinik said...

love the first one... how cute
and agree withe the second one :)

Dr.John said...

Eat a croissant with egg beater.
A six word response from the

Autumn said...

Yay for french breads!! Haha I love croissants. And now you've got me thinking eggs and croissants and bacon.....and cheese!! Gah! Happy Six Word Saturday!!
(And no eggbeaters are NOT the same thing, nor are they worth the money we spend in buying them. I'll take the real deal thanks lol)


Tiffany said...

Becca ~ Yep trust me there is a big difference. So much less fill grr.

Marinik ~ Thanks!

Dr. John ~ Yeah that would probably make it a little more filling but I'm gonna say that it wouldn't help with the calories!

Autumn ~ Yeah I know right after he said it (well after I gaped at him for saying it correctly) I really had the urge to head over to burger king!

Call Me Cate said...

I find if I put my egg beaters in a croissant, it's a big help for making me feel full. ;) Actually, I usually add salsa or spinach to my egg beaters to make them a little more hearty.

Thanks for playing 6WS.