Friday, January 8, 2010

I can show you rude

I don't understand why phone solicitors are so stinking rude. I mean I know they are 'just doing thier jobs' but come on if I tell you that I'm busy and can't talk to you about whatever your freaking cause is then be nice and let me off the phone! Last night I got a call from some lady trying to get money out of me which is annoying but no biggie. I told her that I couldn't talk because I was busy and she proceeded to tell me that "since she's already got me on the phone" she'll just go one like I didn't say a hello bitch I just told you I was busy. So instead of being rude to her I handed the phone to Zilla and let him regale her in the finer points of Thomas the Train! LMAO After a few minutes she hung up and I had to let Zilla call Nanna to get out his inner Chatty Cathy. I will have to do that again in the future it was pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

Nanna's giving a BIG thumbs up!!!!

Tiffany said...

Nanna ~ seriously why do you not sign in to comment? Anyway...yeah that chick really ticked me off when she just kept right on talking like I didn't say anything. Normally I'm not rude them cause I totally understand that it's there job but come on. Besides who wouldnt' want to talk to Zilla?

Autumn said...

Two things, first off if they are calling your cell phone in most (48 out of 50) states that's illegal. Let them know that they can send you letters all day but that this is your personal cell phone number and you would like to be taken off their caller list. If they get rude with you ask for a supervisor (I've had some of them hang up on me, then I let the supervisors HAVE IT! Not a job I'd be interested in, sheesh, getting bitched out all day long..noooooooo thank you!!)
2nd thing, Tried emailing responses to your comments on my blog twice now to no luck (you have to put your email on blogger to get emailed comments back, just click that little "show my email" box to do that if you want.) if you DONT want to do that, shoot me an email so I can respond to your comments anyways! Lol. Love the people watching thing btw, I do that at Walmart because you get ALL KINDS in Walmart :)

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