Monday, January 18, 2010

Too Much Stuff

That's what I have at my house.

I've been trying to go through everything and put it one of the following categories: DZ's crap, Pack for storage, Pack for use at Nanna's house, go away, and stuff that I will need in the meantime before we more. In doing that I have come to the conclusion that we have way to much crap at my house. I have very nice sized boxes of yard sale stuff so hopefully the stupid weather will hook me up and I can have one soon. I also went through the massive amount of baby clothes that was saving for 'just in case' and since that's not in my immediate future I pulled out a ton to get rid of. I am keeping some because it's my goal to make myself a quilt out of some of the ones I liked. Zilla seriously had some crazy amounts of clothes someone under the age of 4 and more than I'd care to admit are Gymboree. I really think that Zilla's clothes are the most valuable thing we own - I'm not sure how I feel about that.

On a good note I made some good progress yesterday getting two boxes all packed up and did a crapton of sorting/cleaning in the garage. I was thinking about messing with the outdoor toys/stuff today but decided I don't feel like it. I am thinking I might take the boyzilla out somewhere to do something - we'll see he didn't take a nap so his attitude might not hold out.

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Autumn said...

Lol I hear you on the kids' clothes being the most valuable thing you own. Everything in my house except the kids' clothes are hand-me-downs. It's just a phase though (or so I tell myself). My mom likes to say "It's just not your season yet" when I talk about it with her. One of these days though....