Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where Oh Where Did You Go?

Thats the question of the day around our house. I can't seem to find Zilla's stupid Leapster and he is asking for it like every 5 minutes and he's driving me nuts. I've explained to him that HE is the one that lost it but for some reason he doesn't seem to understand that fact and instead insists that I must find it for him. I've looked all over this house and I just can't locate it. I haven't checked the cars because he shouldn't have taken it in the car but I guess tomorrow when it's light out I'll have to make sure it's not out there. Ugh why can't kids take care of their own things?


Autumn said...

He will, just stay on him with it. My girls are 7 and almost 9 years old and I still feel this way often with them, but then I remind myself that I also have two great kids who do pick up after themselves (even if told to do so 3 or 4 times first) and are ok with folding their OWN laundry (a big help for mom!). It just takes time and patience. WHEN you find the leap pad if I were you I'd put it in "toy jail" (a spot high enough that it's out of reach but not out of sight for about 30 minutes and let him know that it's in toy jail because he didnt put it away like he was asked the first time around. Won't take too long for him to realize Mommy isn't playing around when she says put the toys up. (Although I will admit this backfired when my daughter 'lost' her homework one day and then told me it needed to be in toy jail for an hour so she could go play because she lost
You're doing great, we all go through this!!

((Please dont take offense to my advice!!!))

Tiffany said...

Autumn~ Oh I don't take offense at all - in fact I'm totally stealing the toy jail thing and using it. BUT the only problem with that might be that Zilla is like part ninja or something cause that kid has been able to reach almost everything that we've put up to keep him out of AND he's deadly quiet while doing it. I joke to DZ all the time that he's gonna make a great spy or special forces guy! Let's hope I find the dumb thing though so that I can put it in jail. I guess I'll have to make sure that one of the "rules" of the jail are that it doesn't include homework LOL. Thanks!!

Autumn said...

Yahoo is being a brat and won't let me reply to your last email so I'm going to link you to a few things here and quickly (but discretly?) answer the questions you asked:

No I dont wait to set the time the first few times, I got sick of waiting for the tempertantrum to STOP and just set the time, kid figured out she wouldn't be there that long and got over it.

Yes I make them stand, if you're a believer in spanking this is when you want to use that, after telling them 3 times to stand up or they will get spanked....only had to do that twice (and to be fair it was on days that kid was extra cranky for other reasons too but even if they DO skip a nap that's not a reason to fuss at mommy)

and I wanted to link you to this (which helped me a LOT)
The Strong Willed Child
and the Strong Willed Child workbook If you can get the NEW ONE (which I linked you to) not the old one (which I didnt link you to haha) because the new one has personal stories of other moms who deal with strong willed kids and trust me they make you realize you arent alone in this!!

Ok I'll email you when Yahoo works again, apparently it will let me GET emails, but I was sending them back out too fast (responding to a LOT of mail today!!)

Lots of love!