Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RIP Anna

RIP Anna

Wow I don't even have the words to express how saddened I was to find out that my fellow blogger and friend Anna passed away. Please Pray for her family and friends. She was a wonderful wife and a mother to four great kids. She was just one of those people that made you feel like you've known her for years even if you'd only just met. She was a fellow Twilight fan and frequent reader here at DT, S & P. I really enjoyed reading her blog and damn I'm just gonna miss her infectious personality. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason but it's certainly something like this that stumps me. I'm still just in shock and wishing that it is all some mistake. Those kids couldn't have had a better mom but I'm sure that now they have the perfect Angel to look over them forever.


Preppy Little Dress said...

Sorry to hear about your loss! We will keep Anna's family in our thoughts and prayers.

Tiffany said...

PLD~ Thanks I know that they would apprecaite every Prayer!

*Monica said...

Anna was a bright spot in my blogroll for sure. She took the time to write me a very long email about her son's experiences with speech therapy when I had questions about my own boy.

My heart hurts for her family.

Thanks for visiting my blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

i like your post about Anna, my friend too :(
deb 1972