Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to the Sunshine State!!

Okay well we made it down to the wonderful Sunshine State and luckily for us it was indeed sunny and a very nice day out. DZ drove the UHaul while pulling my SUV and Zilla & I rode down in his new truck. The drive wasn't too bad just as boring as ever - thats a LONG time to be in the car for anyone but especially for a 3 year old. Saturday morning he wasn't actually feeling that well which didn't help. He woke up about 5am and came into my room and snuggled up with me and fell back asleep - that should have been my first clue that something was up cause that boy NEVER falls back asleep. Then when we met up with our friends for a 'goodbye' breakfast he said his tummy hurt and laid down on the bench and went to sleep! The first part of the drive he was pretty quiet and then he was just plain aggravated about being in the car. So anyway we made it down to Mena's house unpacked there and went to the storage unit where my dad and step mom met us to unload there. It was uneventful and I have plenty of room left over in the unit for when I find the "new" stuff I want to start over with.

The last two days have been eventful - moving and then last night Mena's pipes had a blockage so we had to call a drain guy to come flush out the pipes leading out to the road. Today I've been unpacking and rearranging things to make Zilla and I fit. Not bad so far but I do have plenty of motivation to find a job and get my own place! Ok laters!

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