Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day in the South

Ok first off WTF blogger? I had posts 'scheduled' this week and they um didn't post so seriously now I'm looking like a slacker again. Oh well anyway guess I gotta be a blogger babysitter now.

Ok first off I'd like to say that I live in southern Alabama so the fact that we got SNOW today is pretty darn cool and secondly not only was is snow but it was snow that STUCK to the ground! Thats pretty awesome normally the stuff this far south is just flurries that melt upon impact well not today folks cause we got like 3 inches of that fluffy whiteness. Zilla had a freakout as soon as his booty saw out the window at the buttcrack of dawn and wanted to go outside but we said no cause we were being mean coffee deprived parents. We eventually took him out and had a BLAST. Now I'm not gonna lie and say it wasn't fun cause it was but being the born and raised Floridian that I am I won't complain if the stuff doesn't come back for another 20 years! My 'inner kid' had fun but it's more of a beach kid if you know what I mean!! lol Here are the pics - as you can see in the first few the snow got heavier through the day!
Zilla and the dog running around having fun!
My new hood ornament!
SNOW ANGELS!!! - I even did one it was fun!
Getting snow for our mini snow ball fight

Okay I'm gonna post some more on Monday! Laters people!


Anonymous said...

I love - love - love these pics! I'm so glad you all had fun! I'd like to see your snow angel should get DZ take a pic of you and Zilla head to head doing snow angels...then you take one of them...if Daisy could take pictures then you could all get in one pic - like a star on the ground! I haven't checked the Almanac - but I don't think this will happen again! ENJOY - it looks like SO much fun!

Tiffany said...

Nanna Um yeah not so sure the whole 'family' snow angel thing would have been a good idea. Trust me when I say that the last thing on DZ's mind was getting pictures of me doing anything. We did have tons of fun though!