Friday, October 17, 2008

How Rude!

This evening I heard DaddyZilla talking to some lady at the door and I went to investigate. Turns out she lives a few houses down from us and had come to warn us. She had recently had her McCain/Palin yard sign vandilized! I couldn't beleive it - I mean how rude those sings aren't free and people should respect others property. It happened in broad daylight too. So we will be keeping an eye out for some NObama fans going around being totally not cool. I don't intend to vote NObama but I would never disrespect someone by going on to their property and damaging something they paid for. My husband fights for our right to put what you want in your yard and I am all about respecting that!

Oh and if you a-holes come into my yard and jack my sign up you better hope I don't catch you cause I will certainly call the police and probably smack the crap out of you while we are waiting on them.


preppy little dress said...

wow, how rude! love the mccain logo!

Bri said...

HAHAHAHA! Hope they dont get caught on a PMS day LMAO