Friday, October 17, 2008

The aliens must be back around here

That could be the only thing explaining people around here lately. I have recently posted some stuff on craigslist to sell it and get it out of my house. I am listing it at fair prices and with decent pictures. So why on earth people would e-mail and ask about the items (either if they are available or where I'm located so they can come get them) and then just dissapear when I reply back to them I'm not sure. Them being abducted my aliens is really the only thing that makes sense - well besides them just being plain jerks who like to waste other peoples time.

See I *try* to be nice and fair so when someone e-mails me first about something then I try and make sure they get the item since they saw it first. Well it's hard to do this when that person just dissappears - I mean if you decide you don't want it fine just reply back and say you changed your mind. Does no one have manners anymore? Blah I need this crap gone so people need to tell the aliens to bust off so they can buy my crap!

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