Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been Violated

Yes thats right people we have been violated at the Zilla household! Today while I was gone to an appt DaddyZilla and Zilla were home just hanging out. Well there was a knock at the door and it turned out to be a lady from down the street. She was here to return our McCain/Palin sign that she found down the street with hers!!! Yeah thats right some jerk came into OUR yard and took something that WE paid for and proceeded to wad it up in a ball and throw it down!!! They did this in broad daylight and while we (well DZ) was home! Someone has some seriously large balls. I should put daisy on them HAHA.

Her sign had previously been messed with so now we know that we definatley have a jerk in our hood that obviously has no respect for other people's property. I don't give a rats behind who your voting for but you should have respect for other people's property! So we will now be on sign lookout and if I catch you in my yard I will dang sure call the police and press charges over my $5 sign! Also if you think your guy is so stinkin great then why are you being all insecure and taking my sign - what do you have to worry about? Yeah thats what I thought

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Bri said...

You should get a nanny cam LoL