Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party Fun

Zilla went to a friends Birthday Party this morning and had tons of fun! They live out in the middle of nowhere and we got a little turned around from the directions but we eventually made it there. They had rented a bounce house and Zilla, along with all the kids, LOVED it! In fact I had to lure him out with his baby when it was time to leave! So thanks for inviting us - We had a great time!

*I would share pictures but as I turned on my camera it informed me that the battery was dead*

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Bri said...

OMG I think it's a conspiracy. I went to take my Canon with me to the Seafood Festival and it too informed me that the battery was dead, so I grabbed my Olympus. 2, maybe 3, pictures later those batteries died too. The memory on my phone was full too, so no pictures for us!