Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rough night in the Zilla house

Last night at around 11 Zilla started to stir and then scream. I normally let him cry for a bit and he'll go back to sleep but nope not last night I just 'knew' that the screams where different so I went in to get him. Well he was indeed very upset and was also burning up. He had a 101.6 fever and wasn't very easy to console at all. Well after some much needed cuddling and some nasty barf we got him to bed.

I had REALLY hoped that he just ate something bad (yes I know that wouldn't explain the fever but come on people gotta have some hope right?) and would be back to normal this morning. Well I had my dreams of a nice easy day crushed pretty early (around 5am) when my darling sweet angel awoke screaming like a crazy person. I went in there and sure enough he was burning up like crazy -104.1 to be exact. We had even turned the air back on last night and to 72, yep thats pretty low around our house we usually bake here at 77...lol. Well needless to say it's 7:20am and he's still not feeling to hot but I've gotten him to drink some water and eat a little bit of a waffle. He is still hot as crap but he won't let me take his temp - blah to the "spiritedness" of my child. I think we will both be taking a nap today - 4 hours and counting!

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