Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeling very frumpy

Is frumpy really even a word? Hmm anyway I've been feeling very totally unattractive lately and I guess I've decided to do something about it. Having no will power I'm guessing this won't be super easy not to mention having no time or energy but I'm gonna try to do better. It would just be nice to feel comfortable in my own body but since I gained a billion pounds while pregnant I just haven't felt very pretty. It doesn't help that two years after the baby is born I guess I can't really keep calling it baby weight - it's now officially just become fat! I have friends who are heavier than me and they seem to be totally at ease with their bodies - I'd like to know how they do it since even when I was what I would consider skinny now I thought I needed to lose weight. I did good so far this morning I went on a walk/run and actually ran most of the way - good job me considering that running on sidewalks is a lot harder than a treadmill.

Maybe DaddyZilla will help me out by watching the monkey so I can go to the gym. Maybe then he'll start thinking I'm good looking again!

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Anonymous said...

Yes - it is a real word...however you might can take the "fr" - but you can't add the "umpy" till you look like me!!!!! LOL

It's not how you look to others - it's how you feel about yourself! Just "Wii - Wii - Wii" and you'll be great! Besides - having to chase the boys around counts as exercise too!!!

I love you - just for being you!!! (and if the scales are climbing higher it's because your heart is getting bigger!!)

Nanna ;)