Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Road Trip

to Update city that is LOL get over it I thought it was kinda funny. I know I know Sorry DaddyZilla, he was probably making a crashing noise as he read that in case you were all wondering. My jokes "crash and burn" a lot around here but thats ok I'm really only trying to amuse myself anyway LMAO.

THE KID: Ok so here is the update on Zilla - he is doing well I did take him to the Urgent care yesterday because the 104 degree temp only went down to 102 and then came back again after an hour or two. So as it turns out Zilla hates ALL doctors/nurses not just the ones at our health clinic oh and he also has a real nasty ear infection as well as a sore throat. The doc thought it might be strep so he did a swab (TOTALLY fun oh yeah no it wasn't - for anyone) but that was neg YAY so he sent us on our way with an antibiotic and instructions to keep an eye on that fever. He HATES his meds -spits them out every time- but other than that today he's his normal tornado self, running around here like the energizer bunny on crack wreaking havoc on everything he gets near. So thats all taken care of - now just 8 1/2 more days to force him to take these meds - poor kid can't get the yummy kinds since he's allergic to amoxicillin. Oh well he'll be ok.

MATTRESS: For those of you biting your nails wondering how the mattress is working for us - WE LOVE IT!!!! Can't say enough good things about it. My back still hurts as does my neck a little bit but trust me when I say that has to do with the fact that I'm a 26 year old in a 90 yr olds body and not the bed. I feel SO much better waking up than I did before and I'm getting a deeper sleep too. I'm still adjusting to the firmness of it - I am more of a softer bed person but it's very comfortable for a firm mattress. DaddyZilla loves the bed as well. Zilla doesn't really dig it since he's not allowed drinks on the bed without supervision and he can't get on it at all if he doesn't have a diaper on (um hello thats a hint to potty train kid) oh and it's not that hot for jumping on - poor kid LOL. So go get yourself one!!!! **the link is in a post further down & as of today they still have some of the queen size for $699**

MOTORCYCLE: I can't remember if I told all (6) of you Harley has told us that the bike is pretty much totaled. It's going to cost only a few hundred dollars less than we paid for it to fix it. It has to have just about everything but the motor replaced! We are waiting on the "official" word from the insurance but i doubt very seriously they will fix it. Now hopefully we can find another one that DZ likes as much as he did that one. The girl who carelessly pulled out in front of DaddyZilla and caused all of this goes to court at the end of the month for her 'failure to yield' citation so hopefully she will plead guilty and take her fine because IF she pleads innocent (don't know why she would since we have like 5-7 witnesses including a cop saying it was her fault) then we *might* have a trial or something. Hopefully someone will help her see the light lol.

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