Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't let the door hit ya!

On my playgroups website we have been having a healthy, non threatening debate of sorts about politics - what else? Well yesterday one of our "members" - I say it that way because she never came to playdates - decided to try and take it down a different road. She instead of trying to explain why her candidate was the better choice decided instead to completely attack and insult the other candidate along with his whole Party and the members of our board who are voting that way. She went so far as to call "us" evil! Um yeah ok crazy.

Just a thought for those of you who would like to pull someone over to "your side" - DON'T try to badger the people! Telling me how much the candidate I like sucks won't help your case, or your candidate, very much at all. It's a much wiser idea to instead calmly and nicely tell them why you think your guy will do a better job. Just a thought but trust me when I say her ranting (which didn't make any sense at all anyway which we would have proved had she not high tailed it first) only made me want to dig in my religion clinging, gun toting heels! LMAO

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Bri said...

You know why she bashed "our" candidate? Becuase that is all the other party has been doing all along. The only thing they have talked about doing is CHANGING the way things are. The rest of the time has been saying how bad McCain will be if he is elected. We don't have to buy into any Republican b.s. because we see what it does for our families day in and day out. The whole change thing is complete b.s. and that is something that people are buying into. Whatever! She couldn't have left fast enough.