Friday, June 20, 2008

Stupid People @ Olive Garden

Tonight a friend and I decided to eat some dinner with our kiddos at Olive Garden. Both of our hubby's are currently gone (mine in Iraq and hers away at a school) so it was just us and her 2 kids and zilla. Zilla woke up crazy early this morning and had a shorter nap than normal so he was a little wound up. We were sitting in a corner both and Zilla was moving around on the seat and just having a good old time - not being bad just being a toddler as was my friends 3 year old. We were having a good dinner and enjoying ourselves.

Well until some *pardon my language here but I can't help it* stupid asshole that was sitting at the bar with his wife decided to make his opinion known. They were a nice dressed couple so it quite surprised us when he stood up with his arms raised in a 'i wanna fight' manner and proceeded to say "You need to get your kids under control lady. You really should do something about them. Really you should leave..NOW. If I can do something to help you control them just let me know." After that he sat down and his wife didn't say anything at all. My friend and I were in such shock and the hostess came over and asked us if he was serious and I told her yes he was. Well we were totally livid and would have probably decked him except that they swept them away to a table. You would think that was enough right? Well no.

The couple sitting behind us were done with dinner and they got up to leave well the older lady kind of leaned in to say something to me. I thought she was going to tell me to ignore that man but NO she said "You know he was right, he really was" then her and her husband practically ran out the door. I wanted to beat the living cap out of that women even more than the man. The managers both came and apologized to us for his outburst and said that they explained that this was a family restaurant to him and said that we weren't bothering them at all. Well I really would have preferred if they had asked the man to leave after all he had caused the outburst and it would have been nice for the managers to actually SHOW us the families matter but oh well.

I just do not understand how people can be so stupid and heartless. I mean I am doing the best I can considering that I do it by myself all day every day without any real help. My son is not by any means a bad or unruly in any way - he's a good kid but he's exactly that a KID. Minus duct tape theres no real way to shut a toddler up if they don't want to. What do they expect from me? My husband is overseas fighting for their rights to be over here talking smack to his wife and child. My friend called and told me that her 3 year old said "why the people at olive garden be mean mommy?" - how jacked up is that? These people were talking about us controlling our children and yet they thought it was "ok" to act this way in front of them! Grr it's making my blood pressure rise just thinking about it. Way to ruin my evening you stupid jerks - better hope I don't ever see you around town cause I'll be sure to pinch my kid and MAKE him scream just for you! LOL

ETA: When we said Zilla's prayers tonight I made sure to pray for these people. We prayed that those two couples can gain some compassion and understanding for others because they are obviously lacking it. They need a little light in their lives - kinda like Zilla is in mine!!


Bri said...

Holy crap! If I was there, theyd have heard it from me. That man was probably drunk already, sounded like it. And that old bitty needed a good smack.

Tiffany said...

I think I would have felt better if he was drunk but nope he wasn't he was just a jerk. That lady was surely bitter and needed to spread her unhappiness.

Katie said...

what assholes. they obviously don't have kids nor do they deserve them!!

Anonymous said...

I think you all should schedule your next playdate at the Olive Garden!! LOL ;)

Too bad this didn't happen while I was there - I think it would have been perfectly acceptable for me to chase down the old lady!

Nanna to "2" b-e-a-U-tiful grandson's!!!